Logan Paul earns high praise from WWE community after his acrobatic save in US Championship win vs Rey Mysterio

Crown Jewel saw Logan Paul LIFT HIS first WWE championship win. Paul is a social media celebrity, boxer, and professional wrestler. Despite being very new to wrestling, he recently won the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio. Logan showed an amazing level of ring awareness although he had limited experience.

Fans took note of a point during the bout in which Logan showed fast thinking and concern for his opponent’s well-being. He moved swiftly to protect Mysterio, emphasizing the importance of communication and safety in the wrestling business.

Logan Paul saved Rey Mysterio during US Championship

At Crown Jewel, Logan Paul defended the United States Championship against WWE icon Rey Mysterio. Logan won a championship match by three counts after hitting Mysterio with illegal brass knuckles. Mysterio averted a career-ending neck injury thanks to his quick thinking during a crucial time in the match. 

Logan Paul
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Logan Paul won the United States wrestling championship after wowing fans despite receiving backlash for being placed so low on the card. People are talking about how Paul may have prevented a very serious injury to Mysterio.

A clip of the battle in which Paul broke Mysterio’s neck quickly gained widespread attention. As Paul stood up in the video, Mysterio launched an attack. Mysterio attempted a reverse moonsault, but he appeared to be in danger of falling. Paul caught Mysterio on sheer strength, acting on instinct. He got down on his knees, clutching Mysterio tightly so the latter wouldn’t hit his head on the floor. Paul’s rapid thinking earned him acclaim from followers all across social media.

WWE community highly praise Logan Paul for saving Rey Mysterio

Despite his detractors, Logan Paul has won the affection of the WWE and beyond after his latest courageous performance in the wrestling ring. Fans, both casuals and enthusiasts, showed their admiration for Paul’s bravery in guaranteeing Rey Mysterio’s safety.

Logan Paul
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Not only did this incident cement Paul’s place in WWE, but also underlined the value of collaboration and alertness in the sport of professional wrestling. It’s a reminder of the risks wrestlers take and the commitment they make to the sport.

There was considerable question as to whether Paul’s save was staged, but most people agreed that the man was saved from what could have been a catastrophic fall. Everyone in the wrestling world agreed that his response was superb, a display of fast thought and courage.

The ultimate result was an unscripted moment of heroism that was celebrated by the audience and highlighted the friendship and mutual respect among wrestlers.

Do you think the saving occurrence was a coincidence, or did WWE plan it before? Share your opinion in the comments. 

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