“Strong Ass N**** Ha Ha Ha” The Game Jokes about Mike Tyson Putting up a Good Fight after Arm Wrestling His Friend of 20 Years

Famous rapper, “The Game” joked that he beat Mike Tyson in an arm-wrestling match! Tyson’s long-time friend the Game was arm-wrestling with the boxing legend in a video posted on Instagram. The buddies had a cordial game of arm wrestling where the much younger Game looked to be beating the aging Iron Mike.

Here’s the video of the incident on the sets of “Hotboxing with Mike Tyson”:


The game explained the event on his Instagram post. “I beat Mike Tyson arm wrestling” “I went light on em in the end cause I love him & I found it in my heart to let him come back lol”. This means that the game went easy on his friend of more than 20 years!

Tyson was seen making a comeback at the very end of the arm-wrestling match, but according to the Game it was because he went easy on the “baddest man on the planet!”

Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka the Game” has a long-time friendship with Iron Mike Tyson. They go way back with each other. Mike Tyson once punched The Game’s manager in the face after they had a discussion about the murdered rapping legend Tupac Shakur!

Iron Mike was humbly called a “Strong Ass N****” by the Game despite winning the arm wrestling match convincingly! Mike Tyson is now 55 years old and has lost the powerful muscles which made him famous in his youth! But the legend remains one of the scariest men on the planet, as experienced by a heckler on an airplane a few weeks ago! 

The passenger got on Iron Mike’s nerve and received a pummeling from the heavyweight champ for his troubles!


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