Watch Mike Tyson lose temper and beat up annoying passenger on plane

Last Thursday, a video of Mike Tyson hitting an airplane passenger went viral on social media. The passenger was irritating Mike to get his attention and once the plug for Mike’s tolerance went off, he saw red and everything went south. 

The 55-year-old former Boxer was traveling on a Jetblue flight from San Francisco to Florida where the incident took place. 


Celebrities are always surrounded by paparazzi and admirers. Maintaining a personal space sometimes can be significantly more difficult than virtually anything else and that’s exactly what transpired in the video. Reportedly, the passenger seated behind him was drunk and was disturbing the former boxer, even going so far as to hurl a water bottle at him at one point.

And of course, he immediately regretted crossing the line as the former heavyweight boxing champion couldn’t take it anymore and aggressively landed a few of his famous iron punches on his face, resulting in a scar on the passenger’s forehead.

The victim received immediate medical attention following the event. He apparently had minor wounds on his forehead, but nothing major. The cops approached him once the plane arrived and the victim didn’t have anything to say to the police, so we can assume that no charges will be filed against the former heavyweight boxing champion. Reports indicate that Mike was returning from the Benzinga Cannabis Conference.

After fighting in the ring for so long, ‘Magic Mike’ has embraced a life opposed to violence. He retired from boxing in 2004 and is now more focused on his family and children. But every now and then, he returns to the Octagon to fight, lastly, In 2020, he contested his final charity battle against the 53-year-old retired boxer Roy Jones Jr.

When asked if Tyson will be a regular in the Octagon, he hinted that he is unsure, stating, ‘it is difficult to say. This story teaches us not to invade other people’s personal space, especially when it’s the iron mike.


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