Who is Marvin Harrison Jr.’s girlfriend trending ahead of the NFL Draft?

Ohio State wide-receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is expected to be a top-five pick in this Thursday’s NFL Draft. However, the WR’s girlfriend is the one stealing the limelight currently.

As the NFL Draft is just a few hours ahead, Marvin Harrison Jr.’s girlfriend, Charokee Young is already trending with heightened speculation about her presence in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The WR has been reportedly dating Young, who is 23 years old for some time. She is also an athlete, a two-time NCAA Division I champion, and a former collegiate outdoor 4×400 m relay record holder.

Young competed for Jamaica at the World Championships in 2022 and brought home two silver medals. She was also named to the Jamaican team for the 2024 World Athletics Relays.

She has gained a lot of followers on her social media accounts especially on Instagram, currently boasting over 84,000 followers which are expected to increase after her expected presence in the draft to support Marvin Harrison Jr.

Young made her relationship with the wide receiver public after she attended a game and posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that she was not there for the game, indirectly hinting that she was there for the WR.

Fans are excited to watch the couple together as the NFL Draft kicks off tonight and Harrison Jr. enters the professional NFL world.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a top wide receiver prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft

Marvin Harrison Jr. is widely anticipated to be the first wide receiver selected in the 2024 NFL Draft. This expectation has been present since his breakout sophomore season with the Buckeyes.

The WR expressed confidence in his abilities and feels that teams drafting him should feel the same. Recently Marvin Harrison Jr. shared that he chose not to participate in workouts at either the NFL Scouting Combine or his Pro Day.

“Just talking to my dad, we decided what’s best for us: to prepare for the NFL season, not prepare for the combine or pro day or anything like that,” Harrison Jr. said.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is considered a top prospect due to his productivity, size (6-foot-4, 205 pounds), athleticism, and football lineage. He had impressive statistics during his time as a starter for Ohio State, further solidifying his status as a top prospect.

Now, the anticipation is high as fans and insiders await the reveal of which team will select Marvin Harrison Jr. in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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