Eagles engage in contract extension talks with A.J. Brown amid trade rumors

The Philadelphia Eagles talented wide receiver A.J. Brown will become a free agent in 2027 and the lack of any extension discussions, alongside problems in the locker room, led to the speculation that Brown might be traded to another team in the NFL. 

However, recently it was reported that the Eagles have started contract extension discussions with their three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Howard Eskin shared on the WIP Morning Show that there is an ongoing discussion about the contract situation of Brown.

“I have kind of heard different things that—whether it is preliminary discussions—they are thinking about a new contract for A.J. Brown. Not trading A.J. Brown, they’re thinking about an extension for A.J. Brown. … They’ve already started some conversation with A.J. Brown’s agent about an extension.”

Brown had signed a four-year contract extension with the Eagles in 2022 which means he is set to become a free agent in 2027. However, the team has opted for a strategic move by already starting to discuss the extension of the WR. In this way they will be able to retain him for a long time despite the recent trade rumors sparked by Brown.

A.J. Brown sparked trade rumors

A few weeks after setting up a team bonding event, A.J. Brown changed his Instagram profile picture to one of Tom Brady, sparking speculation about his intentions to sign with the New England Patriots.

However, when the trade rumors started getting serious the WR posted on the X app, stating that his profile picture change wasn’t any hint of a trade, and it had no meaning.

A few hours later the wide receiver deleted this tweet which again sparked the rumors that the WR is potentially hiding something about his trade.

Later it was reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have rejected all inquiries about the WR and stated that he is not available for trade. Now that contract extension discussions have begun, the trade of A.J. Brown is less likely to happen.

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