HOF Shannon Sharpe once had to step down from NFL Today over s*xual assault allegations

Today’s kids know Shannon Sharpe as one of the funniest TV personalities in sports. But once he was one of the best NFL players who ended his career with multiple Super Bowls and other accolades.

However, Shannon Sharpe’s life journey hasn’t been without its challenges. His football and media career saw him navigate both highs and lows, the most significant being s*xual assault allegations.

Michele Bundy once accused Shannon Sharpe of abusing her

Shannon Sharpe was once accused of s*xually assaulting a woman. The HOF was given a restraining order after a woman, later identified as Michele Bundy, claimed that Sharpe also had been threatening and stalking her.

Shannon Sharpe, who recently fact checked Adrian Peterson’s claim also decided to step aside from his analyst gig at CBS Sports after this case was filed against him.

According to legal documents obtained by Brooks, Bundy was allegedly “forced to have s*x with him.” It also stated that “He (Shannon Sharpe) repeatedly calls and threatens her life. Places her under surveillance and calls to say he is watching her.”

However, Sharpe was not investigated or arrested for any charges. But he decided to take a break from his job as he said, 

“I have decided to step aside from the NFL Today until this matter is resolved.” 

Shannon Sharpe
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While the investigation of the case continued, it was later revealed that Michael Bundy previously worked for an unnamed Denver TV station. Her acquaintance revealed that Bundy was the one stalking the HOF and she badly wanted to get into a relationship with him.

“She’s been infatuated with Shannon Sharpe for years to the point I think she was kind of stalking him. She moved to Georgia to be closer to him. She has some insane idea in her head that he’s going to be in a relationship with her.”

While it wasn’t proved whether Michele Bundy’s claims were true or not, she later got the restraining order against Shannon Sharpe dismissed, which she claimed was for her and her daughter’s safety. 

Michele Bundy wasn’t the only woman with whom Shannon Sharpe had a bad experience, his worst experience was with his ex-fiancé, Katy Kellner. 

Sharpe’s fiancée allegedly cheated on the HOF

Shannon Sharpe is famous for not getting married yet, having even surpassed the age of fifty. However, there was a time when he was very close to getting married. 

The former NFL player dated a woman named Katy Kellner, who is a fitness instructor. He met Katy in 2016, got close, and even got engaged. 

Shannon Sharpe
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However, the HOF’s luck ditched him once again as he found out that Katy cheated on him. In 2018, a pregnant Katy Kellner was spotted with a former Major League Baseball player. Reportedly, when Shannon Sharpe found out that Katy was pregnant with another man’s baby, he broke up with her.

Shannon Sharpe never believed in love again as the HOF never got married for which he often gets trolled. He is 55 years old now but decided not to give any woman a chance to become his life partner. 

However, Sharpe still decided to have kids, as he now has three kids. There is not much known about their mothers, but all of his kids are adults in their 20s.

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