Shannon Sharpe fact-checks Adrian Peterson’s “not broke” claim

Adrian Peterson earned $103.2 million during his NFL career, establishing him as the highest-earning running back in NFL history. However, the recent auction of his prized possessions raised eyebrows and led many to assume his financial situation had worsened.

Peterson immediately took to social media to deny financial troubles. However, Shannon Sharpe fact-checked Peterson’s “not broke claim,” revealing a completely different story.

Shannon Sharpe details Adrian Peterson’s legal troubles

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco on the “Nightcap With Unc and Ocho” podcast talked about this matter and Shannon shared the details about the legal troubles of Peterson. 

Sharpe talked about how in 2015, the former Vikings RB threw a lavish birthday party for himself, costing millions and featuring extravagant elements like a camel ride, snake charmers, belly dancers, first-class travel, and housing for 300 guests.

“He spent millions,” Sharpe said

Adrian Peterson

Shannon believes that Adrian wasted all his hard-earned money just to impress people around him. 

“Do you realize that most of the time when athletes buy stuff it’s not for them it’s to impress people who watch them and see them. This was a party for the guests to say look how much money AP got. Look at this birthday party. He needed 10 jumbo jets. So if you fly them first class. Who the hell is putting these people up (in hotels)? You!”

Ochocinco then asked him: “Do you think this story (about not being broke) is real or fabricated?”

To which the analyst, Shannon Sharpe detailed the legal troubles of Adrian Peterson. 

“A Pennsylvania lending company loaned AP $5.2 million in 2016, AP planned to use most of the money to pay back other lenders,” Sharpe said. “They don’t know what he did with the loan but they do know he didn’t pay back the company he borrowed the money from.” 

Sharpe continued sharing another financial legal problem of Peterson where he didn’t pay back his loans.

“In 2021, a NY judge entered a judgment of $8.3 million against AP, stemming from unpaid loans. Court records indicate he hasn’t paid back yet, and instead has been ensnared in legal battles over an attempt to seize his property to collect on the judgment including items that have been kept in multiple storage units.”

Shannon Sharpe doesn’t believe that Adrian Peterson is not broke. He is well aware of how he wasted money without any financial planning and all his financial legal troubles. It seems like the RB just fabricated the story that his things were auctioned off without his authorization. Considering what Shanon Sharpe shared, it all indicates that Adrian Peterson might be broke and looking for ways to make money.

Adrian Peterson memorabilia auction suspended

The auction of Adrian Peterson’s memorabilia has been temporarily suspended due to an ongoing legal issue. David Runte, the auctioneer at Texmax Auctions of Houston, confirmed the suspension, saying, “It has been taken down temporarily. I’m not allowed to discuss it, but it’s a legal matter.”

Nearly 1,000 items were initially up for bidding, including Peterson’s prestigious awards like the 2012 NFL MVP award, Offensive Player of the Year awards, signed jerseys, and game balls. Bidding on some items had exceeded $10,000 before the suspension.

Adrian Peterson
Via CBS Sports

The RB posted a video earlier asserting that an estate sale company unlawfully included his NFL trophies in the auction without his authorization. 

“Trusting this company without supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units, with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful. I want to emphasize that I am financially stable and would never sell off my hard-earned trophies.”

It remains unclear who removed the items from the RB’s storage unit and whether they were legally seized as part of debt collection efforts. Peterson has faced property seizures due to outstanding debts from an unpaid loan. A court-appointed receiver, Robert Berleth, has been attempting to seize Peterson’s assets but has not commented on the legality of the items in the auction.

So, this suspension might have happened because of that. For now, this auction has been stopped and it’s unclear whether it will be continued or not.

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