Adrian Peterson: is he really broke?

Recently, a debate has been stirred about former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson‘s financial conditions. Some of the valuable possessions of the former running back were auctioned, which raised the concern that he was broke. 

However, the truth was the opposite, and Adrian Peterson himself shared the reasons why his possessions had been sold. 

Is Adrian Peterson broke? 

Adrian Peterson posted a video on Wednesday to clarify that he is not broke. The former RB shared that everything that has been sold was done without his authorization.  

He explained in the video that he gave “clear instructions to leave personal items untouched,” adding that he “will be taking legal action” against a company he trusted to sell some of his belongings. 

The former RB admitted hiring a company to run an auction but claimed he never asked for his trophies and memorabilia to get listed and called it “unlawful.” 

Adrian Peterson
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“I want to emphasize that I am financially stable and would never sell all of my hard-earned trophies,” the former RB emphasized.

The items that were sold include Adrian Peterson’s MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, and Offensive Rookie of the Year trophies, as well as signed Vikings jerseys and game balls. It also included a Twins jersey signed by Joe Mauer and a “Sunday Night Football” hat signed by John Madden.

The sudden decision to put all these valuable possessions up for auction came as a shock to everyone but he clarified everything. 

Considering his career earnings, it seems like the former RB didn’t lie about not being broke. He made $103.2 million during his NFL career. Even in 2024, he will be the highest-earning running back in NFL history. With the Seattle Seahawks in 2021, he signed a one-year deal worth $1,075,000. 

But his most lucrative deal was with the Miami Dolphins, a 6-year agreement valued at $86,280,000. He also got a signing bonus of $12,000,000 and a guarantee of $36,000,000.

Considering his lucrative earnings, there is no way Adrian Peterson is broke and he will make sure to take strict action against those who misuse his most prized possessions. 

What did Adrian Peterson win in his NFL career?

Adrian Peterson is considered one of the most talented running backs in the NFL. He won a non-quarterback MVP award and, during his 13-year career, played for seven franchises. He remained a star player for all of those.

He won a huge number of awards during his illustrious NFL career, which include the 2012 NFL Most Valuable Player Award, the 2012 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award, and four first-team All-Pro nods.

Adrian Peterson
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He also has three second-team All-Pro selections, seven Pro Bowl selections, two NFL rushing touchdown leader titles, and a spot on the NFL 2010 All-Decade Team.

The talented RB also holds the title of three-time NFL rushing yards with a record for most rushing yards in a game, with 296.

Adrian Peterson has yet to receive the coveted title of Hall of Fame but his NFL career was nothing short of exceptional. He earned a lucrative amount from the NFL because of his excellent talents and skills. Will he make it to the NFL Hall of Fame eventually? Tell us in the comments section.

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