Miami Dolphins: lawsuit filed against player accused of spreading STDs

The Miami Dolphins, who played one of the coldest games in NFL history couldn’t qualify for the Super Bowl championship this year. However, the team is still in the spotlight because of a recent legal case of a player.

It seems like years after CB Xavien Howard faced STD charges, another Miami Dolphins player has been accused of spreading STDs to his partner.

Lawsuit filed against Miami Dolphins player for spreading STDs

A lawsuit was filed in late 2023 in a Florida court against a Miami Dolphins player, alleging that they transmitted genital herpes to their former girlfriend without disclosing their condition.

The plaintiff became aware of lesions on her partner several months prior to both undergoing STI testing, which revealed that they both tested positive for oral and genital herpes.

The lawsuit argues that the Miami Dolphins player had a responsibility to either abstain from sexual activity or disclose their infection to their partner.

To safeguard privacy, the court concealed the player’s identity with black boxes, and neither the defendant’s name nor the court venue was revealed.

The plaintiff, identified as “Jane Doe,” filed the case anonymously. While the case remains pending on the court docket, it is not currently undergoing active litigation, and the reason for the pause in proceedings was not specified.

Neither party’s attorneys confirmed if a settlement was reached, and there is no record of a settlement or dismissal on the docket.

Dolphins CB Xavien Howard’s STD lawsuit came to light few years ago

Previously, Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard faced a lawsuit related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In 2018, Howard reportedly went on a date with a woman identified as Doe and presented her with a falsified report indicating negative results from a recent STD test.

The woman alleged that she engaged in a physical relationship with Howard, which led to the transmission of STDs. She stated that she tested positive for an STD in 2021 and asserted that Howard was the “only individual who could have transmitted” it to her.

Initially, Xavien Howard denied the accusations but later admitted to having STDs and issued an apology. The woman filed a lawsuit against the cornerback, seeking damages exceeding $30,000.

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Later, the CB’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the complaint the day after it was filed in court which included the allegation that the woman “engaged in a campaign of stalking” and threatened the CB with “multiple acts of violence.” 

However, years later the woman who accused Xavien dropped the charges. Attorney Brad Sohn, who represented Howard, released a statement confirming the news:

“The anonymous accuser who sued my client for transmitting genital herpes has permanently dropped what we proved was a fabricated lawsuit.”

He explained that the whole case was fabricated claiming the Miami Dolphins CB didn’t have genital herpes. 

“Xavien Howard never had genital herpes in the first place; the entire basis of her lawsuit was a literal impossibility. His accuser nevertheless lobbed out defamatory, absurd, and knowingly false claims, as one of several (unsuccessful) attempts to extort money from him.”

He also claimed that the CB is considering taking legal action against the fabricator with the hope of reclaiming his reputation.

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