Conor McGregor thanks Joe Rogan for billionaire lifestyle praise

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has always been one to show off his living-to-the-fullest attitude. He was, in fact, recently praised by Joe Rogan for his billionaire lifestyle.

McGregor has reacted after the UFC commentator expressed his approval of McGregor’s success and thanked him for the high praise.

Rogan’s high praise for McGregor’s success

Rogan commended McGregor on his journey to success during an episode of his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ last week. He praised McGregor for starting with nothing, being on welfare, and then achieving immense success in the UFC, ultimately becoming one of the wealthiest athletes globally.

Rogan expressed admiration for McGregor’s luxurious lifestyle, stating, “Why do you become successful in the first place? So you can live like a f*****g baller. That’s what Conor’s doing. He’s watching the Formula 1 while he’s eating breakfast at the back of his yacht… I want him to do what he wants to do and if Conor McGregor wants to buy diamonds and lay around in the sun, I’m all there for it. The guy earned every f*****g penny he got, I’m happy for him.”

McGregor was once just a humble ordinary person like the rest of us until he made his meteoric rise in the UFC. From being a newbie fighter to reaching the very top of MMA, the man has done it all and is definitely not shy to let everyone know about it. He has earned massive amounts of money based on his success and has definitely made sure everyone knows about it- with crazy social media posts to gifting people presents worth thousands of dollars.

Joe Rogan knows how hard McGregor fought to reach the level of success he currently is at. He said on his podcast that he believed in McGregor and that the Champ deserved every penny he had earned as he had worked himself to the bone for it.

As Rogan says, McGregor earned everything he worked for through his fighting career and his great promoting skills, so the UFC commentator is fine with the Irishman living lavishly now, despite people wanting to see him return. Rogan was full of praise for the MMA star.

McGregor’s grateful response on social media

Conor McGregor apparently heard what Rogan had to say about him and his lavish lifestyle. McGregor responded by thanking Rogan for his praise. There is nothing but love between these two and this was made more apparent by this incident.

McGregor quoted the post on his X account with the caption, “Love you Joe! ❤️🙏”

The return of Conor McGregor is highly anticipated by MMA fans all over the globe. However, it seems he is enjoying his break. Should the star make his return, or should he be allowed to enjoy his life for a bit longer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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