Jerry Jones Lawsuit: Judge requests Cowboys Owner to submit a ‘paternity test’ with Alexandra Davis

The NFL world is no stranger to the players facing lawsuits of unclaimed children or divorce allegations. However, it’s not only limited to players as Jerry Jones, the owner of one of the most valued NFL teams, is also grappling with a similar legal battle.

Jones, 81, who has been the owner of Cowboys since 1989 was accused by a young woman who claimed to be his daughter. Recently, there have been some new developments in the case hinting at the potential revelation of startling truths. 

Judge urges Jerry Jones to undergo a DNA test for Alexandra Davis lawsuit

In 2022, a lawsuit was filed against Jerry Jones by a young woman named Alexandra Davis who claimed her mother was impregnated by the owner during their relationship in the mid 90s.

The case has been continued since then and in a recent hearing, the judge has ordered Jones to take a paternity test. Reportedly, earlier this month a hearing was held in which the judge upheld the case’s decision until a DNA report is submitted.

The court documents state that an agreement was reached between Jones and Davis’ mother that the Cowboys owner would take responsibility for their daughter but would not publicly acknowledge Davis as his daughter.

But Davis then again filed the lawsuit claiming that her mother’s ex-husband is not her father, and Jerry Jones is.

“Alex is in a position where she really no longer has to hide her truth or live under the thumb of fear, and maybe she’s going to finally get some peace, and we hope other families will have that same benefit from the judge following the law,” Davis’ attorney Kris Hayes said.

After her initial lawsuit in 2022, the 27-year-old also filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones in 2023. She claimed that he has tried to call her out as an “extortionist” and “shakedown artist.”

The case was dismissed in October and then again started in November. However, after the recent development in the case which involves a paternity test, things would become clear whether Davis is lying for fame and money, or Jones has been hiding the truth for years. 

What happens if Alexandra Davis wins Jerry Jones lawsuit?

According to the alleged agreement, if Alexandra Davis wins the lawsuit and is recognized as Jerry Jones’ daughter, she will continue to receive financial support from him.

Jones had allegedly agreed to pay Cynthia Davis, Alexandra’s mother, $375,000, and provide Alexandra with certain monthly, annual, and special funding from a trust until she reaches 21 years old per KSAT News.

Jerry Jones
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Additionally, if Alexandra wins the lawsuit, she would be entitled to three lump-sum payments at specific ages: 24, 26, and 28. These lump-sum payments were part of the alleged agreement between the Cowboys owner and Cynthia Davis.

Alexandra has reportedly received millions of dollars from Jones over the years, as stated by Jones’ attorneys. Winning the lawsuit could mean continued financial support for her until she reaches the specified ages and receives the lump-sum payments.

If Alexandra wins the lawsuit, it could also have repercussions on Jerry Jones’ reputation and public image, especially regarding his denial of paternity and the allegations made against Alexandra and her mother.

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