Women drags Justin Jefferson in legal battle, claiming the Vikings WR pressured her for abortion

Justin Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings’ standout receiver’s personal life has ignited a storm of controversy. Amidst accusations swirling around fathering a child, the WR is now facing another serious allegation from the mother of his newborn baby.

While Jeferson’s performances last season were relatively impressive, it seems the WR might have to face the heat owing to his off-court fiascos. His baby mama Andrea Galea has taken legal action against him, alleging that Jefferson had initially pressurized her to abort the child.

Justin Jefferson gets involved in grim lawsuit

Andrea Galea filed a lawsuit in Essex County, alleging that she and Justin Jefferson were romantically involved during their time at LSU and later in April 2023. She claimed Jefferson failed to support their child, Stella Anastasia, born on Dec. 21, 2023, prompting her to seek legal action.

Galea is seeking a paternity test from the WR, along with financial support and health coverage for their child. She also accused Jefferson of refusing to acknowledge paternity and pressuring her to undergo an abortion, which she declined.

“The Defendant blocked the Plaintiff from communicating with him, and coldly told her to ‘[T]alk to me when the legal stuff come up,” Galea’s lawsuit states.

Jefferson, who missed multiple games last season, filed a countersuit on Jan. 26, requesting an injunction against Galea to prevent her from sharing information about the child and asking for a paternity test. He alleged that Galea used the child’s birth and allegations against him to gain online attention.

“Defendant [Galea] has a substantial presence and following on various social media platforms and apparently has strategically positioned herself over the last several years to become an ‘online influencer,’” the WR’s countersuit reads. 

Text messages between Justin Jefferson and Galea reveal contentious conversations about the pregnancy. The WR appeared to express reluctance towards the situation.

“The more u wait the hard the situation will be that’s why I wanted to get you the planB [because] I didn’t want to be in this situation but it’s totally my fault I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,” Jefferson texted Galea.

Galea responded, discussing the effectiveness of the pill and expressing her concerns about the situation.

“Justin I took the plan b though it was just too late for it to be effective. Sometimes depending on the cycle unless you take it within like 2 hours it can be too late,” she responded. “… and two people are always at fault in this. Personally I’ve never faced a situation like this…’”

Justin Jefferson reportedly changed his phone number due to Galea’s persistent communication about the child. He acknowledged fault in the situation but expressed frustration and reluctance to be involved further.

Jefferson previously was accused of similar action

This is not the first time the WR has faced such allegations. Nine months ago, Justin Jefferson faced similar accusations from a 23-year-old Instagram model.

The model shared screenshots of conversations where the Vikings WR allegedly asked her to have an abortion. The accusation surfaced when an anonymous woman approached the gossip page ‘Gossip of the City Tea’ with screenshots and paperwork related to the matter.

Justin Jefferson
Via CBS Sports

The woman claimed that Justin Jefferson’s lawyers got involved but eventually backed down. In the shared chat, the woman and Jefferson discussed the pregnancy and the possibility of abortion. While the full conversation wasn’t provided, it appears that Justin Jefferson and the woman had discussions about terminating the pregnancy.

This accusation indicates a pattern of behavior that aligns with Galea’s allegations of pressure to undergo abortion. These lawsuits can negatively impact the image and career of Jefferson, who is entering his final year with the Vikings.

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