Which Premier League clubs are threatening to file £100 million lawsuit against Everton?

Everton, the pride of Merseyside, is one of the historic clubs playing in the Premier League. “The Toffees” have a strong tradition of challenging for the Europa Competition but recently they’ve struggled to find their form. Mismanagement, plenty of bad decisions and recklessly spending money have made Everton a mediocre mid table team.

After their poor form this season, they were also seen getting a deduction of 10 points due to breaching the rules of the Premier League Financial rules. They now sit at the lower half of the Premier League table and are fighting against relegation. As if that wasn’t enough, another club is now considering filing a £100 million lawsuit against Everton.

Which PL clubs are seeking to sue Everton?

Just when the fans of Everton were starting to recover from the 10 points deduction and poor performance, another bombshell of a news came on. The turmoil continues for the Toffees as five rival clubs are planning to take legal action against Everton. As per SunSports, clubs like Burnley, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham Forest and Southampton are gearing to take legal actions against Everton.

After Everton breached FFP rules, it caused a stir, especially among clubs that were relegated recently like Leeds, Leicester, and Burnley. They argue that Everton’s narrow escapes from relegation directly affected their own league positions. Now, these three clubs are demanding £100 million each in compensation from Everton, citing the significant financial losses associated with relegation, which they estimate to be at least £100 million.

According to Premier League’s Financial Fair Play regulations, clubs are permitted to incur a maximum loss of £105 million over a three-year period. Everton’s violation came to light as they reported a loss of £371 million within that timeframe.

Leicester and Burnley have stronger cases against Everton, given their narrow margins in avoiding relegation, while Leeds’ argument may be weaker as they only missed out on 6 points.

Everton’s struggles continue on and off the pitch

The fallout from the 10-point deduction and the looming lawsuit against the club are mounting pressure on Everton, tarnishing their reputation. On the field, Everton’s struggles are evident as they currently sit in 16th place, just above the relegation zone.

The return of Sean Dyche to the club brought some optimism among Everton fans due to his familiarity with the players and Premier League experience. However, the team continues to face challenges, indicating the need for significant improvements in player quality.

Outside the field is no good for Everton. They were found guilty of the PSR breach and thus 10 points were deducted. The club has also fallen into heavy debt. The ownership structure is unclear for the fans and at the moment the club is being run by an interim chief executive and interim finance officer.

Everton are now just hanging on the edge and even though they have appealed against the charges, there is lot of uncertainty about what will happen next.

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