Brazilian star Gabriel Barbosa receives 2-year suspension in anti-doping fraud case

Gabriel Barbosa is a talented professional footballer who hails from the Brazilian outskirts. He is a prominent player for Flamengo, a Brazil-based club that plays top-tier football in the country.

The 27-year-old forward is known for his exceptional skills and is a prolific goalscorer for his club. However, last night, he received some shocking news. In an anti-doping fraud case, he was given a two-year suspension.

Gabriel Barbosa suspended for anti-doping case

Gabriel Barbosa, also known as Gabigol, was handed a two-year suspension from football by the Brazilian Anti-Doping Sports Court of Justice on Monday. The suspension was a result of Barbosa’s behavior during a surprise doping test on April 8, 2023, where he was the only player to delay taking the test and treated the team involved in taking the test with disrespect.

In the trial that took place on Monday, seven witnesses gave testimony, including Gabigol himself. The final vote was 5-4 against Barbosa.

The two-year ban starts from the date of violation, which occurred on 8 April 2023, until 2025. During this period, he will not be able to play any professional football. Flamengo said they were surprised by the verdict and would help the player with an appeal.

“(The club) will assist the athlete in presenting an appeal to CAS, since it understands that there was no fraud, not even an attempt, to justify the punishment applied,” they said in a statement. The player, too, has given out his official response.

Gabriel Barbosa releases official statement

After learning of his suspension, Barbosa issued a statement to clarify the situation for fans.

“I would like to speak out and clarify the trial that took place today, in which I was suspended for an alleged attempt to cheat an anti-doping test,” he wrote.

“Despite my respect for the Court, I reiterate that I have never attempted to obstruct or defraud any exam, and I trust that I will be exonerated by the higher court.”

“Since the beginning of my career as a football player, I have always followed the rules of the game and never used prohibited substances. I have already been subjected to dozens of tests, all of which were always negative, which reinforces my commitment to my Club and the Brazilian fans.”

Doping has been a hot topic in the world of sports, with at least one athlete from every sport being involved to some extent. Gabigol is not the first to be punished for engaging in such activity in football. Even Paul Pogba, one of the most exciting midfielders in the world, is currently serving a four-year ban after testing positive for doping.

Hopefully, with strict punishments, players will avoid the use of banned substances.

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