Sean Strickland all-game to fight “navy seal influencer” amid ongoing social media feud

Sean Strickland, former UFC Middleweight Champion, recently took to ‘X’ to address a Navy Seal’s callout. Previously, Strickland had stated in a video that ‘no navy seal’ can survive a week of training with Strickland. Sean initially made the video when David Goggins, an ex-Navy Seal, was training Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson for UFC 296.

Although Sean initially made the remark and callout back in February, a recent video in response to Sean’s callout made rounds on ‘X’, in which a Navy Seal accepted Sean’s challenge and called him out as well.

Navy Seal sends stern warning to Sean Strickland

In a video Strickland shared on his profile, a Navy Seal responded to Sean’s original video, where Strickland stated that he does not believe that a Navy Seal would survive a week of training with him.

“The weakest Seal that has ever been created would destroy you. There are no rules… we are fighting for our life,” the Navy Seal said in the clip. (The Navy seal’s info has not been made public by Strickland).

“Every time you went for an armbar or a choke, I would chew your face off. I would pull your ears off,” expressed the Navy Seal’ in the video. He also further went onto threatening Strickland with sodomy.

“Come to the street where there are no rules… no places I can’t hit you… no bells, only survival instinct…. it’ll be a different story for you,” he said.

Strickland also faced backlash in the past for stating the same, but by other retired/ex-Navy-Seals, but nobody took the time to callout Strickland for a street fight.

Sean Strickland ready to face off against Navy Seal influencer

Strickland took to ‘X’ to reply to the original video that fans shared on Sean’s Twitter feed.

Strickland mentioned that he has already texted him on Instagram and Sean is actively looking for the Navy Seal’s Twitter or other socials so he can get in contact, indicating that he is up for the matchup and the callout.

The MMA Community, distraught over the same, took jabs at Strickland asking him to ‘stick to real fighters’.

In a response to which, Sean wrote, “Listen fighting is my job.. Ask me to fight tell me how much. If it’s a good number I say yes… I train when I’m sick, I train on vacation. I take my job seriously. But violence is my love and if some navy seal influencer wants to give me a therapy session I’m game lol!!!!”

Do you think a real fight can materialize between Strickland and the Navy Seal? Share with us below.

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