When is Vikings’ WR Justin Jefferson returning to NFL after missing four games with a hamstring injury?

The Vikings WR Justin Jefferson who was recently fined by the NFL has missed a good deal of playtime throughout his career. Justin sustained a hamstring injury in Week 5 after which he skipped four crucial games of the team. Before the injury, the WR was one of the top-rated receivers, catching 36 passes for 571 yards and three touchdowns.

But the injury became a setback for Jefferson this season, preventing him from playing. While fans are hopeful that he’ll soon join the team again, his recent injury report dampens the hopes of his return.

When is Vikings’ WR Justin Jefferson going to return?

The Vikings recently allowed the WR to return from the injured reserve giving him a 21-day time. But Justin is focused on his recovery right now.

Justin Jefferson shared that he’s taking a day-to-day approach to recovery and is focused on strengthening his hamstring before returning to the field. 

“It’s a day to day. You can’t really put a date on it at this very moment.”

The team is also prioritizing his complete recovery over rushing him back into gameplay. 

“(The training staff) has been doing a phenomenal job with me. Making sure I’m feeling good. Making sure I’m getting the work that I need done, and the rehab and the treatment that I need.”, he said.

The WR further emphasized that the team and the coach know his worth that’s why they are focusing on getting WR back on the field when he is 100% healthy.

“They want me 100 percent. As I do as well. I don’t want to go out there 80, 90 percent and have the chance of hurting it again. It’s day to day, like I said, and when that time comes I’ll definitely be ready to step out on that field.”

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Justin Jefferson is following the right approach to his recovery. Instead of rushing to the game and hurting himself more, he is going to first recover so he can give his best in the games he plays.

Another reason why the team isn’t rushing the WR is that his absence hasn’t affected the team’s performance much. Despite Jefferson’s absence, the Vikings have won four consecutive games. The team, now 5-4, is currently the 7th seed in the NFC. 

Bengals Ja’Marr Chase on playing with Justin Jefferson

Bengals’ wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase expressed openness to reuniting with Jefferson, his former LSU teammate, and potentially teaming up with quarterback Joe Burrow in Cincinnati. 

Justin Jefferson
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Chase and Jefferson have been long known as the most powerful duo during their college career and were the strongest receivers. Recently, when Ja’Marr Chase was asked about a reunion with Jefferson, the WR shared that he is open if a chance presents itself.

“I’m with it. I ain’t no selfish player. I might have to take a (pay)cut. He might gotta take a cut, too. But I ain’t no selfish player that would be fun to see again,” the WR said.

He acknowledged the financial complexities such a move would entail, considering their high performance in the NFL and subsequent salary demands. Chase indicated a willingness to consider taking a pay cut to make this reunion a possibility, albeit acknowledging the challenge of aligning salaries for such a move.

This reunion is possible in the next season of the Bengals but as Ja’Marr Chase mentioned, he and Justin Jefferson will need to compromise on their salaries to make this happen. 

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