Bengals legend backs Ja’Marr Chase’s unique TD Celebration plan with generous offer

The Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase is famous for doing unique celebrations after scoring a touchdown. The WR has already celebrated his one touchdown this season by making a backflip and now he is planning to do another such celebration in his next game.

However, there’s a catch. His upcoming celebration hinges on a condition that can only be met by the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson offers to cover fines for Ja’Marr Chase

Chad Johnson has recently offered that he will pay the fine if Ja’Marr Chase does a unique celebration after scoring a touchdown in the upcoming games.

Certain rules in the league prevent players from doing over-the-board celebrations. But some players still do intriguing celebrations that break the NFL rules. For breaking rules, those players are also fined for it. A few days ago, the Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill was also fined when he made the backflip TD celebration

Therefore, Chad has offered the Bengals WR that whatever the fine will be he will pay that only if he mimics his unique touchdown celebration.

Ja'Marr Chase

The WR himself has done many over-the-top touchdown celebrations during his career. He once kicked a cameraman out from behind an end zone video camera, and took his place, using the camera at his own whim. He also made many other such celebrations including grabbing a TV camera once.

Therefore, the WR is ready to support Ja’Marr Chase in his touchdown celebrations by helping him financially.

Chase vows TD celebration extravaganza in upcoming Bengals game

During the NFL Week 8 game, Ja’Marr Chase celebrated his fourth-quarter touchdown with a backflip in the end zone. He told reporters on Thursday that in the next game, he is going to mimic the TD celebration of Chad Johnson in which he once grabbed a TV camera.

Ja'Marr Chase
Via FOX News

But he had one condition. The WR said that he would mimic the TD celebration of Chade only if he would pay the fine for it.

“Chad, if I score a touchdown and grab the camera like you did, I need you to pay the fine for me. That’s the only catch, man. Only thing,” the WR tweeted.

Chase knows that the NFL doesn’t let the players go after making such over-the-board celebrations and that’s why he wants to stay on the safe side.

Even if had tweeted that jokingly, Chad had already accepted his offer. Now that Chad Johnson is ready to pay the fine, fans can look forward to watching Ja’Marr Chase grabbing a TV camera in the next Bengals game.

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