British UFC sensation identifies key edge over Jon Jones weeks after Francis Ngannou downplayed Bones’ potential

Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, was scheduled to fight next weekend, but he has withdrawn from the fight due to an unprecedented injury. He was supposed to defend his title against Stipe Miocic, but the bout has now been canceled.

British emerging UFC star Tom Aspinall claims that he could defeat Jon in the octagon. According to the English fighter, he has one significant advantage that he could leverage to take down the heavyweight champion.

Tom Aspinall claims advantage over Jon Jones

British heavyweight fighter Tom Aspinall is talking about taking on legendary champ Jon Jones, and he’s pretty confident about his chances. Aspinall is all set to go toe-to-toe with Sergei Pavlovich for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 295 on November 11. If he wins, he could be in line for a full title shot in 2024. Even though Jones had to bow out of a fight due to injury, Aspinall still thinks he’s got an edge.

Tom Aspinall, at just 30 years old, is sure of his skills. He says, “I believe I can beat him; otherwise, I wouldn’t be asking for the fight.” Aspinall is banking on his youth and freshness in the sport as his secret weapons.

He respects Jon Jones and his amazing MMA skills, but he’s also confident in what he brings to the table. Aspinall’s feeling younger, more athletic, and ready for the challenge. It’s his belief in himself that’s got fans excited about a potential showdown between this rising British star and the established American veteran in the UFC heavyweight division.

Ngannou picked Miocic over Jones

An unexpected voice has entered the conversation about the canceled showdown between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. While Jon Jones is sidelined due to injury, a notable observer, Ngannou, who is not an MMA fighter annymore but rather a keen observer of the sport, has shared his opinion on who he believes would have come out on top in this eagerly awaited heavyweight clash.

The bout between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic was a dream match for fight fans, promising an epic battle between two of the sport’s biggest stars. However, Jones’ unfortunate injury forced the cancellation of the fight, leaving fans and the MMA community with mixed emotions.

Ngannou’s unexpected comments about the matchup between Jones and Miocic have added a unique perspective to the situation. As an avid follower of the sport, Ngannou’s opinion carries weight and provides an interesting angle on the fight that might have been.

As the UFC heavyweight division navigates this unexpected turn of events, fans are left to ponder what could have been. With the focus now on Jones’ recovery and the rescheduled bout between Miocic and a yet-to-be-determined opponent, the MMA community eagerly awaits the next chapter in this intriguing heavyweight saga.

When and whom do you see Jones fighting next, do let us know.


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