Francis Ngannou slams UFC president Dana White’s claims on Jon Jones ready to accept fight vs ‘Predator’: “I sat there waiting”

Dana White, the president of the UFC, claimed that Jon Jones was ready to fight Francis Ngannou in the cage, but the UFC Heavyweight Championship fiercely refuted that claim. The Predator showed his frustration by saying, “I sat there waiting,” which seemed to imply that he had been looking forward to the fight but was left disappointed.

The heavyweight champion may have been annoyed by the outcome since he thought Jones would accept the challenge, judging by his statements. The fact that Ngannou and White were at odds in public shows how difficult it is to negotiate and plan high-profile UFC matches. Fans and analysts will surely keep making predictions about The Predator and Bones’ upcoming confrontation, but for the time being, the wait continues.

Will Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones ever happen?

Apparently, there has been a lot of talk and speculation about whether Francis and Jon will ever fight each other in the UFC. This battle has been keenly anticipated by fans due to the elite level of both competitors in their respective weight classes. The realization of this conflict has been hampered by several challenges.

Negotiations between the fighters, their teams, and the UFC have proven difficult. The fight’s finalization has been hampered by problems with the fight’s financial arrangements, contractual disagreements, and weight class determinations. The concern surrounding the fight has also been fueled by the public disagreements between Ngannou and UFC President questioning Bones’ preparation.

The transfer of Jones to the heavyweight category is an additional aspect. Although he has stated a desire to go up from light heavyweight, there have been questions about his physical makeup and competitiveness in the next weight division. Given the hazards involved in going up against a strong and dominant heavyweight like Ngannou, this move must be well thought out.

Despite the difficulties, Ngannou and Jones have both stated publicly that they want to confront one another. The possible fight promises a clash of styles, star power, and skillsets that might enthrall the MMA community. They both are one of the most exciting and formidable competitors in the sport right now, so fans continue to wish for a quick resolution.

Ultimately, the outcome of Ngannou vs. Jones hinges on how eager the parties are to compromise and work out a settlement that serves everyone’s needs. Although there will undoubtedly be difficulties, the appeal of this pairing and the possible financial benefits may ultimately motivate the parties to make it happen.

Francis Ngannou and Dana White beef explained

The conflict between Ngannou and White, the president of the UFC, has been a hot subject in the MMA community. Their conflict began as a result of Ngannou’s dissatisfaction with how the UFC handled his career.

The Predator publicly criticized the UFC for failing to promptly schedule his upcoming fight, which resulted in a protracted stretch of inactivity. White and Ngannou got into an exchange of words as a result, with the champion expressing his resentment on social media and in interviews.

In response, White claimed that it was Ngannou who was delaying the fight by saying that Jones was willing to accept the fight against him. The Predator quickly denied these assertions, saying he was ready and waiting for the fight and putting the onus of failure on the UFC.

Conflicting interests and inconveniences are the causes of Ngannou and White’s feud. While White manages the challenging business of matchmaking and promotion, Ngannou seeks more significant and active battles to establish his legacy as the heavyweight champion. Only time will tell how their friendship and the probable altercation between Ngannou and Jones will develop as discussions go on and the situation changes.

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