Tyson Fury blasts ‘little sh*tbag’ Joe Rogan for gas lighting ‘out of the blue’ Jon Jones fight

A lot of talk has been going on about a fight between the boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight Jon Jones. Both fighters have gone back and forth after UFC commentator Joe Rogan made controversial comments about the prospective of a no holds barred clash between the two.

Rogan had stated in an episode of his podcast that if the two combat sports icons were locked in a room, he was going to put all his chips on black. His comments led to an argument between the two fighters that kept going back and forth. It also led to the combat sports community actually speculating a potential fight. 

Gypsy King slams Joe Rogan’s ‘ridiculous’ Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury fantasy booking

Fury recently made a visit to Thailand, he was at the Bangtao Muay Thai and MMA gym in Phuket. After getting in some sparring, the Gypsy King interacted with the fighters, students, and coaches. Part of this interaction was a Q&A with coach George Hickman and other coaches, where he spoke his mind on the situation.

“To be honest with you, all this talk of a me and Jon Jones fighting in a cage is absolutely ridiculous. Like, I’m the lineal world heavyweight champion. The man who beat the man going back to John L. Sullivan. Why would I even dream of going in a cage and wrestling and all that?”, said Fury, putting to bed any possibilities of an MMA fight between the two.

The boxing champion then ripped into Joe Rogan for starting this controversy saying, “It was actually Joe Rogan, little shitbag, who [started this],” said Fury. “Just out of the blue, there was no talk of me or Jon even fighting.” Adding further  he said, “If someone goes in the room with me and it’s no holds barred, you’re going to have to kill me to stop me”

Fury praises ‘GOAT of MMA’ Jon Jones

He may have shut down all possibilities of an MMA contest but still talked about the negotiations the fight talk that actually happened, “The thing was, I offered Jon, you want to walk in a boxing ring and make some real money then come and fight me.”

While he shared his honest take on the situation, the boxing legend made sure to give Jon his fair share of credit. During the Q&A he showed his admiration by adding, “Jon is a great guy, probably the GOAT of MMA.”

The possibility of a potential dream fight between the two combat sports superstars may have faded but the short period of speculation with the likes of Dana White chiming in, could be a memory, many combat sports enthusiasts cherish for years to come.


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