Nick Wright hates how media “setting up Victor Wembanyama to be disappointment”, FS1 analyst assesses top draft prospect in his best No.1 picks of last 30 years

The 7-foot-4 French basketball phenom Victor Wembanyama has attracted a lot of attention and is regarded as one of the best NBA prospects ever. He has drawn the attention of famous people like Drake at the young age of 19, and he even hit the opening pitch at Yankee Stadium.

The French Center is expected to rule the NBA as soon as he comes onto the court because he has won the LNB Pro A league MVP award. Chris Broussard, an analyst for FS1, even goes so far as to say that Wembanyama could be able to resolve the LeBron James-Michael Jordan GOAT controversy.

The San Antonio Spurs, who are predicted to choose Victor Wembanyama first overall, may provide him a fantastic chance to achieve his full potential as one of the best players in history under the guidance of Gregg Popovich.

Victor Wembanyama’s future ‘GOAT’ status pondered upon by FS1 analyst

Victor Wembanyama’s prospective floor and ceiling in the NBA were topics of debate on a recent episode of First Things First. His floor may match that of Greg Oden, an all-time flop who was plagued by injuries and unable to play, according to analyst Chris Broussard. Regarding his floor, Zion Williamson comparisons were also made.

However, Broussard soon dispelled doubts that Victor Wembanyama would be a failure by demonstrating unflinching confidence in the young athlete. He continued by explaining his evaluation of the center’s ceiling and making the audacious claim that he would ultimately be able to decide who was the best of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

The French rookie, according to Broussard, has no ceiling and may end up becoming the best player in NBA history. In his analysis of the center’s performance, Broussard singled out the San Antonio Spurs as the center’s perfect match.

He claimed that the French outperformed players like Luka Doncic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Nikola Jokic in terms of their individual growth at a comparable age to conclude his case.

Broussard emphasized the distinctiveness of Victor Wembanyama’s physical characteristics, highlighting his towering 7-foot-4 body in addition to his skill with the ball, ability to shoot, pass, rebound, and defense. Broussard recognized his potential to become a superstar in the near future even though he clarified it is too soon to make a decision about the GOAT argument.

“Ceiling is GOAT. I mean seriously! I mean that’s the ceiling, is it possible? Yes… He’s 7’5”, he can handle the basketball, he shoots it okay… he can defend. He’s 19 years old, was the MVP of the French league and I know that might not be the top-level European league. But he’s still playing against grown men and dominated offensively, led the league in scoring and defensively,” he said.

Nick Wright names his best No.1 picks of 30 years

Shaquille O'Neal Reminds Fans of His Rare Status Alongside LeBron James and Tim Duncan: "No. 1 Overall Draft" - The SportsRush

Recently, sports analyst Nick Wright shared a list of his top 10 No.1 picks in NBA drafts. Here is a list of the top 10 No. 1 picks in the NBA draft over the last 30 years:

  1. LeBron James
  2. Tim Duncan
  3. Shaquille O’Neal
  4. Allen Iverson
  5. Anthony Davis
  6. Dwight Howard
  7. Kyrie Irving
  8. Yao Ming
  9. Derrick Rose
  10. Blake Griffin

The influence and accomplishments of these athletes throughout the course of their careers also seem to be taken into account in this ranking. LeBron James, who is recognized as one of the all-time great players, takes the top slot, followed by other legendary figures like Duncan, Shaq, and Iverson.

Do you agree with the list? Would you add or remove any names? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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