Bill Haney sparks a ferocious argument with Floyd Mayweather about Devin Haney’s defeat

Devin Haney, a highly skilled fighter under the guidance of his father, Bill Haney, recently suffered a loss in what was supposed to be another victory in his long and impressive fighting career. The Haney family is currently going through a surge of emotions, especially Bill Haney, who is very upset about his son’s recent defeat.

Bill Haney engages in a heated dispute with Floyd Mayweather regarding Devin Haney’s defeat, resulting in a highly intense confrontation. In a recently surfaced video, Bill Haney can be seen shouting at Mayweather during their confrontation. “This was your man, Floyd! You brought him here! This was your plan!” Bill shouted.

Devin Haney has previously insulted Floyd Mayweather by calling him a “Bonafide hater.”

Bill and Floyd have had a long-standing feud, with past disagreements centered around the career paths of their fighters. Floyd Mayweather, the renowned former professional boxer, has taken on a new role as a boxing promoter and coach.

Interestingly, he has now delved into promoting the very opponent who managed to defeat his mentee, Devin Haney. The intensity of the confrontation was undeniable, as Bill Haney expressed his anger and emotions regarding his son’s defeat, placing direct blame on Mayweather.

However, amidst all the chaos, Devin seems to be missing and Bill may have the answer to his whereabouts.

Bill Haney reveals Devin Haney is on break after loss

During a recent press conference, Bill Haney shared an update on his son’s boxing career. It was revealed that Devin would be taking a break from the sport after his defeat to Ryan Garcia. Devin’s unexpected loss has left his fans and fellow boxers in shock. However, Bill wants to reassure everyone that there’s no need to worry. Devin is simply taking a break to gather himself and make a powerful comeback.

It’s common knowledge that boxers, much like other professional athletes, face a variety of obstacles. Dealing with an unexpected setback can be difficult to come to terms with, but it can also serve as a catalyst for personal development. Bill Haney’s announcement strongly implies that his son is headed in that direction.

Bill Haney’s announcement has sparked excitement among boxing enthusiasts, as they eagerly anticipate the comeback of a revitalized Devin Haney in the ring.

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