WATCH: P*rnstar Moriah Mills gets Zion Williamson tattooed on her face amid a crazy love affair scandal

After threatening to release the scandalized NBA Zion Williamson and her sex tapes, porn star Moriah Mills got his name tattooed on her face. Pornographic actress Moriah published a video of her getting a “tattoo” of Williamson’s name on her countenance a few days after her Twitter and Instagram accounts were shut down.

The adult actress in the video is shown getting stenciled while lying down on a table and watching as someone in gloves picks up a tattoo gun and begins to draw it out. She then posed on the bed and appeared to flaunt her ‘done’ tattoo on her left cheek to the camera.

Moriah Mills and Williamson’s affair?

It appears like Moriah Mills has not resolved the Zion Williamson matter yet. She recently joined the YouTube live broadcast of The Stephen A. Smith show, where she managed to steal the show once more with her comments. Mills chose to make an entrance while Smith was discussing the Pelicans’ power forward.

The renowned analyst saw the brief appearance by the former adult star: “It seems Moriah Mills has entered my live YouTube chat…we’re talking Zion Williamson situation right now,” Smith reported. She remarked: “Don’t believe the narratives we good” It seems unlikely that Mills will quit bringing up the two-time All-Star so frequently.

According to recent reports, Mills’ Twitter account was blocked after harassing and threatening the NBA player. She has however kept talking about Zion on social media despite this. She has only talked about Williamson on Twitter for the past two weeks. Moriah’s Twitter account was recently suspended after she threatened to publish a private video of her and Zion without the star’s authorization.

Is Zion Williamson married to his baby’s momma?

NBA stalwart Zion “Zanos” Williamson and his baby momma and media creator Ahkeema are expecting their firstborn. Williamson and she have been dating at least since February 2023. When Ahkeema uploaded several images and videos from their gender reveal party to Instagram in June 2023, the power forward and the content creator revealed they were expecting a child.

“Thank you 🙏 God for blessing my family with an addition 👶🏽we will give her unconditional love, guidance, protection & a family we are so grateful for #babywilliamson ♥️💜,” Ahkeema announced her and Williamson’s impending motherhood in the caption of a photograph carousel from the party. Even though the two are expecting a child they are not married.

Zion Williamson

Ahkeema initially made a pregnancy announcement in April 2023 when she posted an Instagram Story with a sonogram and the phrase “Something loading.” Early in June, she revealed her pregnancy with her second child—her first with the ‘Zanos’ on the “gram.” “June 3rd I invited all my family and close friends to help us celebrate 🎉 our new addition to our family,” she penned of the couple’s gender reveal party.

Since then, Mills has stolen the spotlight with Williamson and has consistently tweeted vulgar details about their relationship, tagging Zion in the process.

According to the former adult film performer, their relationship was mostly sexual. She also claimed that the 6-foot-7 star misled her about not having a significant other in his life. This situation overall draws attention to the vulnerability of popular people like professional athletes to controversies and unwelcome attention, which is exactly what is currently happening to Zanos.


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