Lionel Messi’s expected $55,000,000 compensation raises question on Sergio Busquets’ potential salary amount at Inter Miami

Inter Miami is recent days looking to strengthen their squad after adding the goat of soccer, they also acquire the sign of Sergio Busquets. In the current soccer transfer window Miami is ruling the headlines.

The club from nowhere became popular day by day after securing the signing of Lionel Messi. However, Beckham’s club has no intention to stop their signing within a few days.

We always hear the goat effect but got very minuscule odds to witness it. Now we are actually witnessing the goat effect. As soon as Messi join the lowest rank club of MLS, the club started getting popular. 

What is Sergio Busquets’ potential salary for Inter Miami?

Miami signed Lionel Messi and recently sign his old club teammate Sergio Busquets. The arrival of Busquets allows Messi to reunite with his old friend and teammate after 2 years.

Back in 2021 when Messi left Barca with watery eyes, this is the second time when he and Busquets get the opportunity to rule the game as they did for Blaugrana.

Messi joined Inter Miami from PSG by consummating his wish to play the last stage of his career on American soil. He will earn 50 million dollars per year as per the contract. This huge salary made him one of the highest-paying athletes in the sport. 

While Sergio Busquets joined the club on a free transfer after spending 15 years with Blaugrana’s. Messi is earning huge at Miami, Sergio is also regarded as the best player of his generation but his salary at the club is not known yet.

So, we can expect Miami will also provide the Spaniard midfield maestro a lot. At Barca, the defensive midfielder earns more than 12 million euros per year. Therefore, the average salary of Inter Miami players except the current World Champion is $240,000 per year. 

As Busquets is also a World Champion and Euro Champion for Spain he will also earn a good amount of salary in Miami. The actual salary of Busquets is not declared yet, but we can expect he will earn more than what he did in Barcelona as well as more than other players of Miami. 

Lionel Messi to earn only $31.7million out of his $55,000,000 salary

Messi joined Inter Miami from PSG this summer and become one of the highest-paying sportsmen in the world. He is also the highest-earning player in MLS, no player is even closer to his salary.

He got a 50 million dollar offer from Miami after his contract expires with the French Champions. Although Messi will get only 31.7 million dollars per year out of his $55,000,000 salary after deducting all the taxes from his salary.

The taxes that will be deducted from Messi’s salary are 20.35 million dollars for Federal Tax, 1.64 million dollars for Jock Tax, and 1.29 million dollars for FICA/Medicare. 

After deducting all these taxes Messi will get 31.7 million dollars at the end of each year in Miami. 

Being a World Champion and Continental Champion what do you think how much Sergio Busquets can earn on US soil? comment your expected salary for the defensive midfielder in the comment box below.  


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