Stephen A. Smith harshly criticizes Zion Williamson’s stepfather for backing his son amid adult film star controversy

Stephen A. Smith harshly replied to Zion Williamson’s stepfather. Despite just announcing his impending child with fiancée Ahkeema, player Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans has lately been embroiled in controversy following charges of adultery made by adult film star Moriah Mills.

Mills sent explicit posts on Twitter to support her claims that she was dating Zion. He was also accused of being distracted from his basketball by Ahkeema’s encouragement to consume marijuana.

Stephen A. Smith has some brutal words for Zion Williamson’s stepfather

It's a Damn Shame” – Stephen A. Smith Questions Zion Williamson's Choices in Women After Moriah Mills' Rant About NBA Star's Baby News With Girlfriend Ahkeema - Sportsmanor

Stephen A. Smith had some brutal words for Zion Williamson’s stepfather. Williamson has received criticism as a result of this circumstance, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith thinks people should be kinder to him. The forward’s limited playing time this season was addressed by Smith during an episode of “The Stephen A. Smith .”

Smith also explained some of his earlier remarks. He clarified that his comments about understanding the reason Williamson only participated in 29 games were intended to be humorous.

Stephen A. Smith emphasized that Williamson hadn’t engaged in any illegal activities and was merely behaving like a regular young sports star.

He stated, “He’s not getting in no trouble; he’s not bothering anybody. He’s a superstar athlete, he’s rich and famous. And oh, my God, he was getting loose. He was having sex. Oh, my God. Really?” Smith defended Williamson’s actions, highlighting that he is a great person and athlete who deserves support.

Smith further emphasized, “We just want to see him play. And then after he plays, he can go and ‘play’ as much as he wants to.” He urged people to chill out and reminded them that Williamson is a 22-year-old superstar athlete who, like many others in his position, leads a lifestyle that includes normal youthful activities.

Stephen argued that, despite the controversy surrounding Williamson, it is crucial to understand and encourage the young player in both his basketball career and personal life.

What Happened between Zion Williamson and adult film star?

A social media storm sprang out in response to Ahkeema’s Instagram post about the gender reveal party for the child she and Zion Williamson were having. Adult movie star Moriah Mills posted on Twitter, accusing Williamson of being unfaithful and said she had been in a long-term relationship with him.

The purported Snapchat discussions between them were released by Mills, who expressed shock at his behavior. She also alluded to the potential of her own pregnancy.

Mills went on to describe their interactions in vivid detail and described getting threats from Ahkeema’s relatives. After a while, Mills seemed to settle down and confess that she didn’t have any footage that may be used against her. She congratulated Williamson and Ahkeema before leaving.

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