“That’s not his baby”: Days after NBA star’s girlfriend revealed they’re expecting a baby, p*** star Moriah Mills makes more harsh attacks on Zion Williamson

After announcing his pregnancy with fiancée Ahkeema, NBA player Zion Williamson is currently dealing with a social media uproar. Moriah Mills, a former acquaintance, has, however, come up with claims of their prior connection. Williamson has been the target of multiple charges from Mills, which have caused a stir and highlighted their past.

People are debating the discoveries and attempting to make sense of the complicated relationships between the persons involved, which has generated a lot of attention and discussion online.

Moriah Mills blasts Zion Williamson with new brutal accusations

Moriah Mills, a star of the adult film industry, has increased the severity of her criticism of NBA superstar Zion Williamson by leveling fresh charges against the New Orleans Pelicans forward. Following a recent gender reveal ceremony when another lady disclosed that she is expecting Williamson’s kid, Mills resorted to Twitter once more to criticise the 22-year-old basketball star.

“I didn’t get played, I got lied to, which is my issue. @Zionwilliamson gifted me every time I saw him very nicely. I have no complaints; he always gave me gifts of what I asked for. It’s just that he betrayed my trust by having a baby on me,” Mills tweeted. She also mentioned Williamson’s preference for dating older women, stating, “He’s an old soul, that’s why he dated older women. It’s all good.”


Mills made the contrast clear in a different tweet by expressing her thoughts of being emotionally manipulated rather than monetarily manipulated. She said that males, especially those who are affluent, like to feel like providers and could choose partners who are not financially independent. According to Mills, their friendship made her eager to give up her online identity for Williamson.

Additionally, Mills said that she had communicated with Williamson after her original social media rant. Although she insisted that he accept responsibility for their predicament and seek a DNA test, she claimed that he had urged her to erase the tweets. She apologized for not seeing him on Valentine’s Day because of problems from a prior operation.

On Valentine’s Day, Mills sent Williamson some flirty photographs, for which she allegedly received praise in a snapshot of an alleged text conversation. Mills shared a prenatal conception calculator along with her statements, evidently speculating on the sequence of events. She had already claimed that she had recently had intercourse with Williamson earlier in the week.

Zion Williamson is being accused of treachery and emotional manipulation in Moriah Mills’ on-going Twitter outburst, which sheds light on their tumultuous and complicated relationship.

 Zion Williamson’s alleged fling spikes P****** searches following her callout

Who is Zion Williamson's baby mama?

Yamile Taylor, an Instagram model, has come out in the ongoing scandal involving Moriah Mills, Zion Williamson, and Ahkeema and claims to have spent time with the basketball player. She conveyed her displeasure in her Instagram stories, writing, “And be laying around sleeping comfortably knowing u have b**es pregnant ehhh disgusted.”

This information adds to the accusations made against Zion Williamson by a different lady, who claims he flew her out, gave her courtside seats, and other things when she knew he was expecting a child. Williamson has stayed mute despite the barrage of accusations.

Following a year-long layoff due to a right foot fracture, he only participated in a few games last season because of a right hamstring ailment.


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