Chiefs Travis Kelce discusses his funny run-in with Joe Biden while acknowledging that he messed up at the White House

The Kansas City Chiefs headed to the White House for the first time as a winning team after holding the Lombardi trophy three times out of five appearances. The team’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce stole the limelight following their hilarious moment when Kelce was intending to make a viral speech on the Presidential podium and Mahomes saved him from going rogue by pushing him away from the mic.

Kelce, known for his on-field agility and sure-handedness, recently shared a hilarious anecdote about the memorable encounter in the White House and acknowledged his own misstep during the event.

Travis Kelce messed up and almost got kicked out of the White House

During the new episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Kelce’s older brother Jason Kelce asked him about his experience from the tour.

Arguably the TE GOAT of the NFL revealed he gave the security an expired driver’s license and said the first question from President Biden to him was “Where’s this guy’s ID? Where’s your ID?”

The 33-year-old went on saying he told the Us president the authorities confiscated it at the door and he didn’t have it on him. Biden responded to his claim by saying, “Get this son of a b***h out of here.”

Well! It was a joke by the humorous king and the Kelce brother duo started to laugh after the hilarious moment.

Kelce’s iconic moment gets halted by Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes hilariously pushed Travis to make him stand with the other teammates while the Super Bowl champion was going to deliver a speech on the presidential podium saying, “So, I’ve been waiting for this..’

Jason Kelce asked his brother what he was about to say on the podium. The Pro Bowl MVP 2017 said he was just going to share some words about sharing the podium with the president, albeit he seemed thankful to the Chiefs captain for stopping him from embarrassing himself in front of the world.

“Obviously, the president at the podium, it’s iconic, right? It’s iconic. And how he usually addresses the nation: ‘To my fellow Americans.’ … That’s all I wanted to say, dude.”

The Kelce big brother also shared his opinions after hearing the untold speech of his younger brother.

“If you would have started off with ‘My fellow Americans,’ that would have been such a showstopper. I don’t think they would have kicked you off. If somebody gets up to the podium and says, ‘My fellow Americans,’ it’s like immediate: ‘What’s this dude about to say?”

The NFL fans were scratching their head thinking about what their favorite tight end was going to say on his big day, and Kelce’s words would assist them to end their prediction, and have some relief, however, as an influential figure in the sports world, his ability to make laugh at himself and maintain a positive attitude would keep him high in everyone’s top list.


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