Who is Cam Reddish getting praised by Lakers teammates LeBron James, D’Angelo Russell after Clippers victory?

Cam Reddish of the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most polarizing young players in the NBA. While some fans believe that he has a lot of potential, others believe he is just a bust.

Although Cam Reddish has disappointed many NBA fans by not delivering up to the mark performances, he still has the chance to improve himself. His teammates including LeBron James were happy by his quality performance against the Clippers.

Who is Cam Reddish?

Cam Reddish is a 24 year old professional who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He was a member of the Duke Blue Devils collegiate basketball team. In the first round of the 2019 NBA draft, the Atlanta Hawks selected him with the 10th overall pick.

Cam Reddish achieved recognition early in his basketball journey and also experienced being one of the top prospects in the entire country. During his middle school years Cam had some pretty amazing performances. Cam was already 6-foot-1 in the seventh grade and his height and athleticism were a big advantage as it allowed him to score easily and also defend well.

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In his sophomore year, Cam decided to make a transfer to the West Town School in Westchester Pennsylvania where he got united with class of 2017 five-star recruit and current NBA player Mo Bamba. Cam helped his team to a record of 28-5 in a league and state championship which was an incredible feat.

That summer when Cam was preparing to make the cut for the U-17 Men’s basketball team, an unfortunate incident occurred. During one of the practices, Cam tore his groin, a painful injury. Fortunately, there was only one muscle in his groin that remained hanging and doctors said that if that muscle had torn then his basketball career would have ended. After that incident, basketball became dearer to Cam as he realized that at any moment the game can be taken away from him.

Before his junior season started, Reddish had developed a great wort ethic and was playing at a high level. He was averaging 16 points a game and impressing people. With his smooth jump shot, he made scoring look super easy and comfortable.

After receiving lots of offers, Cam decided to sign with Duke University where he joined fellow five-star recruits Zion Williamson, Trey Jones and RJ Barret. Cam made his NBA debut on October 24, 2019, but has been unable to find success since then. It looks like the Basketball Gods have not blessed him since he joined the league. However, he has been given the chance of changing that narrative as he is now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers where he is receiving proper guidance and mentorship.

LeBron James, D’Angelo Russell hail Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish with his performance in Wednesday night’s Lakers vs Clippers match, impressed both LeBron James and D’Angelo Russell. Cam received a lot of praise from the two Lakers icons. Both stars of the game took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their admiration for the youngster.

He had a beautiful steal early in the first quarter and hustled throughout the play. He also played good defense. Reddish seems to have formed a bond with the Lakers star D’Angelo Russell.

Reddish was asked which of the veterans has taken on a mentorship role with him so far, and instead of saying someone like LeBron James or Anthony Davis, he actually named Russell.

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