LeBron James’ $36 million teammateD’Angelo Russell predicts bright future for Lakers despite feeling undervalued

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a good off-season by re-signing key free agents Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell to provide consistency heading into the next season.

They strengthened the team by adding players like Gabe Vincent, Taurean Prince, and Jaxson Hayes, opting for depth and adaptability over high-profile recruits. Russell feels confident in the team’s prospects of success as long as everyone stays together and committed to the same objective, as they want to build from last year’s strong finish.

D’Angelo Russell forecasts strong season for Lakers

D’Angelo Russell stressed the significance of teamwork and accepting one’s position for the Lakers’ success during an interview on the Pat Bev Podcast with Rone. He praised the club’s deep pool of potential and urged everyone to put forth maximum effort to help the team win. Russell said that the team’s potential is limitless if every member is dedicated to meeting the team’s requirements every night by scoring, assisting, and making the perfect move. He stressed the value of having the mindset and energy to rally around one another in times of crisis.

“I have no idea. I know we got a lot of bodies though, what you said, we got a lot of bodies. So trying to give the team what it needs every night to win, I think that’s gotta be our focus. Whatever or however it gets done, if everybody is locked in to just giving the team what it needs that night. That night might be scoring, the next night might be eight assists, the next night might be all passes because they ran you off and you made the one more to Austin Reaves in the corner, he’s hitting. It’s gotta be the right play, right mentality type of energy for our group because anybody can do it. He can throw any five out there and get it done. But if we’re all committed to that I think sky is the limit for the group honestly,” he said.

Russell seeking due recognition for last season

Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell showed his anger about not getting enough credit for supporting his team. After joining the Lakers in February, D lo was instrumental in making them a playoff candidate. The Lakers were an underwhelming team with mismatched personnel before Russell joined them.

D’Angelo Russell averaged 17.8 points a game while shooting 46.9 percent from the field and 39.6 percent from beyond the 3-point line, both of which were career highs. However, the inclusion of him, Rui Hachimura, and Jarred Vanderbilt strengthened the team and led to a strong performance in the playoffs.

It’s worth noting that the Lakers knocked out the reigning champion Golden State Warriors in the second round before losing to the eventual winner Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Russell was extremely effective throughout the regular season, vital to the 2023 NBA Finals’ success of the Lakers.

Despite talk of a trade, D’Angelo Russell re-signed with the Lakers for another two years, making Austin Reaves and the Lakers’ backcourt even stronger. New additions like Gabe Vincent and Max Christie, both of whom show promise, should help the team’s starting lineup. Russell is hoping to maintain his effect with this new team and receive credit for his efforts.


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