Who is Iowa kicker Aaron Blom? Investigating charges of illegal bets worth $4.400 made by 21-year-old

Gambling investigations at Iowa and Iowa State have already engulfed many players who were involved in sports betting. However, Aaron Blom’s involvement came as a surprise to everyone. The Johnson County Attorney’s Office has found some records related to the involvement of Aaron Blom in sports betting

The young kicker is facing a serious charge of illegal bets worth $4400. The investigation has been carried out by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. Blom is said to have used his mother’s name to set up an account for betting.

Who is Iowa kicker Aaron Blom?

Aaron Blom is a 21-year-old kicker at Iowa Hawkeyes. He is a non-scholarship player and was the second-string kicker for the Iowa football team last season. 

Aaron Blom


Aaron played in 2022 but his performance wasn’t that incredible. He missed a game-tying field goal, giving ISU the 10-7 victory in Iowa City. He converted one of his three field goal attempts and a 46-yarder in the Hawkeyes’ season-opening win over South Dakota State.

Blom is one of two kickers currently on the Iowa roster. The second one is sophomore Drew Stevens, listed as the starting kicker after spring practice. 

Why was Aaron Blom accused of illegal betting?

According to the current reports, Aaron Blom is charged with hiding his identity by using his mother’s name to set up an account with DraftKings. He was using that account for gambling. It has been proven that his mother knew about everything and had given him consent to use her account. 

The Johnson County Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint against him. He is accused of playing approximately 170 sports wagers while being underage. The 21-year-old also admitted to DCI agents that he placed online wagers using his mother’s account. The legal age to gamble in Iowa is 21 years old, and Aaron was involved in betting before he reached that age. 

With these charges against him, Aaron Blom is in big trouble with his NFL career at stake. He not only gambled using his mother’s account but was also underage. The matter is still under investigation, and we’ll have to wait for the court’s decision. 

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