Who is Patriots WR Jalen Hurd retiring from the NFL at age 27? Meet 49ers’ 2019 third round pick wide receiver

The New England Patriots who signed the talented wide receiver Jalen Hurd just a few weeks ago have placed him on the retired list. The news shocked everyone as the WR is only 27 years old and had an exceptional college career. 

Despite an incredible college career, he couldn’t do well in his professional career. Maybe that became the reason for his retirement. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into who Jalen Hurd is and explore the reasons why he is retiring at such an early age.

Who is Patriots WR Jalen Hurd? Explained

Jalen Hurd, a 27-year-old player was born in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He played college football at Tennessee for three years and Baylor for one year. After showing incredible performances in his college career, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Jalen Hurd

Soon after the draft he was placed on the injured reserve because of a back injury. In the second season again, he was placed on the injured reserve after he tore his ACL during a running drill. 

Then, in July the New England Patriots signed him. But unfortunately, this is it for his NFL career as the team has placed him on the retired list. 

Exploring reasons behind Patriots WR Jalen Hurd’s retirement

The main reason why the WR is retiring is thought to be his health. Since his draft in 2019, he has had recurring injuries which never let him play peacefully. At the start of his career, he suffered a back injury and in the 2020 season, he tore his ACL during a running drill at training camp. 

In 2021, he was again placed on injured reserve because of a knee injury. He spent three seasons with the 49ers and in all three seasons he was placed on the injured reserve. So, the team decided to release the WR.

Jalen Hurd

In July 2023 he signed with the New England Patriots with the hope of continuing his NFL career. But the WR has been placed on the retired list. Although the team didn’t share any reason yet, it is clear that his recurring injuries became a hurdle in his career. If these injuries wouldn’t have become a hurdle in his way, Jalen Hurd could have a brilliant NFL career.

What’s your take on Hurd’s premature retirement? Make sure to let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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