“Shut your b**** a** up”: Cowboys star CB Trevon Diggs throws lighthearted insults to QB Dak Prescott during intense practice

All the NFL teams are currently busy in training camps preparing for the upcoming NFL season. But in the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys, things are heated up. Recently, a fan shared a video in which the CB Trevon Diggs was seen saying some unpleasant words to the QB Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott didn’t say anything in return and just threw a ball toward him. The QB encountered another unpleasant moment during the practice when he was accidentally hit by Micah Parsons. 

Dak Prescott got involved in lighthearted jokes with Cowboys star CB Trevon Diggs

During the practice session on Tuesday, the quarterback tried to escape the rush and run for a touchdown. He was successful in scoring and avoided all the defenders. The defense didn’t let this incident slide, and one of the players, Trevon Diggs, came forward to say something to Dak Prescott. 

In the video that went viral, it is clear that the CB said, “Shut yo b**** a** up,” to Prescott after the game. Well, that’s way out of the line but incidents like these are common during practice sessions. 

It is a very critical season for Prescott. If he won’t be able to perform well this season, he might have to sign with a new team in the next season. 

Watch: Micah Parsons accidentally hits Dak Prescott in practice

At this point, we can say that Tuesday wasn’t a good day for Prescott. Not only did he hear awful words from his fellow player but also got hit by Micah Parsons

Dak Prescott

While rushing the passer, Parsons tried to pull up to avoid hitting quarterback Dak Prescott but ended up hitting him down low. The situation became intense with the speculations of the injury. 

However, Prescott escaped injury and was perfectly fine. Incidents like these during the training camps can end in a big problem for the team. As the new season is almost here, the teams can’t take the risks of injuries. 

The Cowboys have a very strong roster for the 2023 NFL season, however, the players need to be careful to make sure the heated arguments or injuries on the field don’t become a hurdle in their journey to success. 

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