What are NFL’s new gambling policies? Exploring player guidelines and crucial rule changes

Recently there have been a lot of cases regarding gambling in the NFL. Many players were suspended and some are under investigation. Amid this rising illegal betting system in the league, the NFL has introduced new gambling policies. 

This move was very important especially because new online betting systems have increased in recent years. Keep reading this article to find out what are the new gambling policies of the league. 

What are NFL’s new gambling policies? 

One of the key changes is the introduction of mandatory education sessions for all rookies. These sessions aim to provide comprehensive information about the league’s gambling policy and clarify what activities are strictly prohibited. 


Additionally, a group of league officials is conducting in-person visits to team facilities to further emphasize these guidelines and ensure players fully understand their responsibilities.

During these meetings, the league is emphasizing six critical rules that players must adhere to. These rules serve as a clear code of conduct for players in relation to sports gambling:

  • Don’t bet on the NFL
  • Don’t place bets from your team facility or while traveling for a game
  • Don’t have someone else place bets for you
  • Don’t share any “inside information” regarding your team or the rest of the league
  • Don’t enter a retail sportsbook during the NFL season
  • Don’t participate in daily fantasy football leagues

Can NFL players bet on NFL games?

These new rules are being implemented because of the rising gambling system in the NFL. So, it is strictly prohibited to do gambling in the league. 

“The world has changed over the last few years,” Jeff Miller, the league’s executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy, said. “… The availability of our phones and [with] a couple of touches, and all of a sudden, you can place a bet on many different things was not available a few years ago and is available now.”

“So, sports gambling has a great deal more presence in people’s lives than it did just a few short years ago, which means for us as [a] sports league — where integrity of the game is the highest single principle — that we have to be thoughtful and careful and scrutinize how we share information and educate people around the rules that govern it.”

In April, five players were suspended due to gambling-related infractions. Additionally, an investigation into the gambling activities of Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers is currently underway.



To bolster its monitoring and policy enforcement efforts, the NFL is collaborating with external monitoring firms and sportsbooks. We hope with these new rules the betting system in the NFL will diminish.

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