Chris Paul discloses matchup against Warriors was toughest when he played with Rockets: “Get ready for one team”

When Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets, the team’s only objective in mind was to defeat the Golden State Warriors. The plan was to use the baller’s potential to win the 2017-18 NBA playoffs. 

As a member, Paul agrees, the first season was the best team he has ever played on. In a candid conversation on The Hoop Collective podcast, he was heard reminiscing about his days with the Rockets for two years in 2017-19. 

Here he spoke about his partnership with James Harden and considered the time to be the best phase of his career. CP3’s memories with Steph Curry and the Warriors are still fresh in the star’s mind.

Chris Paul’s time performance with the Rockets

The Rockets were the only team back in 2017-18 who could potentially end the dramatic winning streak of the Golden State Warriors. Chris Paul and James Harden managed to push the team until the Western Conference finals, where they led the series 3-2. 

Unfortunately, Paul suffered a hamstring injury at the end of Game 5. This forced him to miss games 6 and 7, which the Warriors used to their advantage. The strong opponents reached their fourth straight NBA finals. 

Chris Paul

The two teams faced off again in 2019 at the semifinals of the Western Conference. Houston’s fate however remained unchanged as they lost to the Golden State in 6 games.

Update on Chris Paul trade rumors

Recently, the Golden States were reportedly more interested in acquiring CP3 instead of Bradley Beal. Both the Clippers and Warriors were in talks with the Suns, but the star player went to Washington. 

Shams Charania reported this interest from Paul’s formal archrivals on FanDuelTV on Monday. The Suns traded Chris, Landry Shamet, as well as several upcoming second-round picks and a swap, in lieu of Bradley Beal from Washington.

Chris Paul is yet to win his maiden NBA title, and the chances do not seem very bright with the Washington Wizards. Speculation is rife linking the star with LA Lakers as well as LA Clippers. However, only time will tell how far CP’s destination is from his present. 

While sportspersons usually hold bitterness over lost matches, Paul’s optimism is a great boost to fans. His memories are about the sunny days of rigorous practice, instead of injury and loss. This makes fans enthusiastic about his future and upcoming success.

What are your thoughts about wins and losses in a game? is it fine for players to take defeat to heart or should they take it in their stride? 


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