Cowboys owner Jerry Jones faces defamation lawsuit by woman reportedly claiming to be his daughter

The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, couldn’t stay out of trouble with his alleged daughter, and now again they are in the spotlight after facing another lawsuit.

Previously, a woman named Alexandra Davis filed a lawsuit for a paternity test of the Cowboys’ owner and claimed her mother was paid by him to keep their relationship confidential. The court, nonetheless, ordered Jerry to have a paternity test, which he couldn’t make yet.

In the meantime, before the dust could settle, the defendant faced another lawsuit from the same woman, stirring up the juicy gossip once again.

Why did Jerry Jones have to face another lawsuit?

Davis, the plaintiff, filed a defamation lawsuit against the 80-year-old multibillionaire for spreading false statements and accusations. She also included his lawyer Don Jack and his friend Jim Wilkinson in the defamation lawsuit.

Alexandra’s lawyers made a statement regarding the new lawsuit: “Not once did Defendant Jones or any of his agents ever deny that Plaintiff was Defendant Jones’ daughter. Instead, Defendant Jones chose the avenue of calling his own daughter an “extortionist” merely to make his own public image less despicable by attempting to discredit Plaintiff’s reputation and character in the public eye.”

The previous case went against the richest NFL franchise owner and the defendant should’ve stayed under the radar but instead, his plan went sideways and bounced back on him indeed. It is now almost believed that he is the father of the 26-year-old woman, as she was raised by the fund Jones created in the first place.

Cynthia Davis, the mother, signed a bond to hide the relationship between them, and the daughter argued in her initial lawsuit that her mother’s deal doesn’t bind her too. However, the paternity test couldn’t be done before May this year, and this new lawsuit has the potential to ruin the cowboy’s owner’s public image.

What’s your take on the lawsuit? Is Jerry Jones the father of this woman, Alexandra Davis? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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