“They want Yoel Romero to be champion by all cost” MMA fans in shock after Yoel Romero announced next opponent

Yoel Romero is prepared to return to the octagon even at the age of 45. The next octagon opponent for the veteran MMA fighter has just been announced. The former UFC star will be fighting in Bellator 297 for the light-heavyweight title against Vadim Nemkov on June 16. 

How did MMA fans react to the announcement of Yoel Romero’s next opponent?

The 45-year-old fighter left Ultimate Fighting Championship three years ago after suffering three defeats in a row. The Cuban MMA veteran took a shot at the middleweight title against Israel Adesanya in his last fight but failed.

However, “Soldier of God” is once again a title contender, and his recent fight announcement making MMA fans go crazy. Some of the reactions regarding the fight are shared in this article. 

A user sarcastically responded to the news saying, “My Boy, Romero will continue to fight as an active MMA athlete until he is 90 years old.”

Pete Fogel literally mocked Bellator by saying, “Of course! Where else would a forty five year old get an opportunity to fight! Bellafarce….where ex ufc fighters go to die.”

Another user tweeted, “Damn I thought he was 45 when in the UFC lol”

Eric Robert, however, pointed out at potential PED use of Romero saying, “Romero’s got more juice than Tropicana, prob puts him at a younger age than Nemkov anyway.”

Someone really appreciated Yoel saying, “Best fighter to never win a title…He’s a severe underdog but for sure punchers chance.”

Clayton said, “I wonder if he will use the frozen statue technique like he did against adesanya.”

A user simply wished Romero luck, “Good luck, You deserve to become champion.”

According to Jacy Blades, “All you need to get a bellator title fight is a win over someone who lost 1/3rd of their fights overall and was 2-3 in their last 5.”

Louis Krivoshey certainly was being sarcastic when he said, “After this, I wanna see Yoel Romero vs Ngannou but at welterweight.”

UFC over Bellator any day, Allen has his preferences right as he said, “Like I’ve always said. The best Bellator event isn’t even as good as the worst UFC event.” 

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