UFC vs Bellator: Jamahal Hill and Corey Anderson in heated altercation over best 205 fighter status in MMA

Two light heavyweight fighters from rival MMA organizations have been exchanging sharp words back and forth. In a recent dispute, Jamahal Hill and Corey Anderson debated on who had the superior fighters in the light heavyweight division, the UFC or Bellator.

Jamahal Hill is the reigning light heavyweight champion in the UFC. However, Corey, the former TUF winner, is currently the number one ranked fighter of Bellator in the 205-lb weight class. 

UFC vs Bellator rivalry explained

UFC is probably the most famous MMA organization in the world and Bellator MMA, while not near its counterpart, is still at the top. While UFC rarely arranges crossover events, Bellator has a more open approach.


Despite having different strategies for matchmaking, UFC, and Bellator occasionally compete for fighter signings. At various periods in their careers, many fighters have switched between the two organizations. The rivalry between the top two MMA organizations may intensify and grow in the future. 

Exploring Jamhal Hill and Corey Anderson’s Feud

Hill recently responded to Anderson as the latter claimed Bellator has better fighters in the 205-lb division. In response to that, ‘Sweet Dreams’ fired back at Corey saying, “There’s a lot of things I keep hearing that sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.”

In the main event of UFC 283, Jamahal Hill defeated Glover Teixeira in the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to win the light heavyweight title by unanimous decision.  

“In this video, we have former UFC fighter Corey Anderson, who now fights in Bellator, speaking on how he thinks Vadim Nemkov, the current champion in Bellator, and himself matches up with top fighters in the UFC. To me, some of the things he said were interesting and kinda funny.” Hill said. 

While competing in the UFC, Anderson compiled a record of 12 wins and 5 defeats. Yesterday, he defeated Phil Davis in Bellator to earn his 17th MMA victory.

‘Overtime’ who defeated Jan Blachowicz, Glover Teixeira, and Johnny Walker during his time in the light heavyweight division of the UFC, fired back at Hill as a response to the claim. 

“Ol Sweet Booty in his feelings! Talk about MMA math didn’t you get your arm snapped by Paul Craig? Sooo that’d make him the best. I toasted the 44y/o guy you beat to win the belt on 2 weeks notice when he was ranked #3. Other than that who you beat? NOBODY!!” Anderson replied.

The light heavyweight fighters are still firing shots at one another rather than coming to a compromise. Which MMA organization, Bellator or UFC, has superior 205-pound fighters in your opinion? Comment below and let us know what you think. 

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