“Don’t f*** with me” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ bitter exchange with Robert Kraft shocks NFL world

One of the NFL’s most powerful owners cursing out another of its most gigantic owners was the highlight of NFL meetings on Tuesday. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft reportedly got into a heated altercation while Jerry used swear words towards Robert.

Their disagreement sprouted over the subject of contract negotiations with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, sources reported. Jones told Kraft, “Don’t f—k with me,” before the owners voted 31-1 to enact the compensation committee to initiate discussions on a new contract for commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones stood alone against the proposition which led to his outburst resulting in a verbal altercation.

When Kraft responded in confusion to his verbal attack, Jones reiterated his statement, saying, “Don’t mess with me.” Jones raised the same concern in meetings in 2017 and did not share the same view with the other owners of the league when it came to the negotiation of Goodell’s next contract. Goodell’s five-year contract was restructured in 2017 to include primarily performance-based payments. The commissioner had primarily been paid on a salary basis up until that point.

Goodell’s current contract is set to expire in 2024, and the compensation committee may consider extending his deal into 2026 or 2027.

NFL fans were taken aback by this dramatic incident. They actively took part in the gossip and made a discrete joke on this issue. One of the fans proclaimed, “I am here for every ounce of Inter-owner dramaaaa.”

NFL enthusiast and writer Kevin Clark twitted jokingly, “I aspire, when I am 80, to be this committed to instigation and personal feuds. These two men are heroes.”

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