Was Shannon Sharpe cheated by ex-fiancée Katy Kellner?

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe is a mystery man when it comes to his personal life. He never likes to discuss it in the public domain and there is very little known about his relationships.

However, the HOF’s engagement with Katy Kellner in 2016 was well-known which couldn’t work out for long as the couple parted ways after two years. Reportedly, it happened because of Sharpe’s ex-fiancée’s one mistake. 

Shannon Sharpe broke off engagement over fiancée’s cheating

Shannon Sharpe has now crossed the age of 50 but is still not married. However, there was one time he got very close to marriage when he met Katy Kellner in 2016.

The couple got engaged but after some time Shannon Sharpe broke the engagement. Sharpe was left devastated when he got to know that his then-fiancée Katya was cheating on him.

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She got pregnant and had a baby, named Jaden Charles Byrd, from another man, Marlon Byrd. Her cheating became the reason the beautiful love story of Shannon Sharpe came to an end.

While the fans were expecting Shannon, who has now started his television career to finally get married, he decided not to forgive Katy and broke up with her after two years of their smooth relationship. Katy Kellner moved on in her life, but Shannon Sharpe has still not got married.

Why HOF Shannon Sharpe has not married yet

Shannon Sharpe, a retired NFL Hall of Famer, has never married for which he often gets trolled. The HOF once shared the reason behind his decision not to get married. 

In his podcast, Club Shay Shay, he attributed his single status to his intense focus on his football career. Sharpe, who is nearing 55, expressed a desire to have married earlier but admitted that football took precedence.

“I’m about to be 55. I’m about to be a double nickel. I would have loved to have married earlier, but my career was the most important,” Shannon Sharpe said.

Shannon Sharpe
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He explained that his dedication to football was driven by a desire to improve his family’s living conditions.

“So I was no good. I was a terrible father. I probably was a terrible brother, a terrible son. I was a terrible boyfriend because football was the most important thing; I was consumed with that because I wanted to get my grandmother and family out of the conditions I grew up in.”

Despite not marrying, Sharpe has children with different mothers. His son Kiari, born in 1992 to Erika Evans, studied biology and business management at Georgia Southern University.

Kayla, Sharpe’s eldest daughter born in 1992, pursued pre-law at the same university and currently works as an HR business partner. Kaley, the least known among Sharpe’s children, pursued a medical degree, graduating from Indiana University in 2022 after studying at Florida State University.

Now, Shannon Sharpe is retired from the NFL, but he still chose to stay single and continue his life like that. He is happy with his kids and media career but who knows one day he might also change his mind and get married.

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