Luis Enrique fails to contain fury over repeated Kylian Mbappe questions

Football has grown to become an intriguing sport, with lots of fans worldwide stuck to their TV screens to watch exciting and entertaining matches. But what they like the most is not a tactically profound game or a boring defensive game; rather, fans hope for late drama, controversies, comebacks, and many others. 

One such instance involves a manager facing questions on a delicate yet crucial subject for their team. The recent Luis Enrique interview after PSG’s match against Marseille last night has attracted the attention of fans and pundits worldwide.

Luis Enrique loses calm over Kylian Mbappe question

After PSG’s emphatic win against Marseille last night, Luis Enrique was called upon to answer a particular question that he has so often been asked to answer in recent past interviews. Every time, the Spanish coach has responded to the question with a valid, accurate answer and has always kept his team’s identity forward, in front of any particular player.

But in the latest post-match interview, Enrique lost his patience with the same questions being repeated again and again and was visibly flustered while answering the question with a bit of a prideful tone. The particular conversation was as follows:

“So the last question coach, what are your thoughts on subbing off Kylian Mbappe a bit earlier yet again? The reaction of the player seemed to be very frustrated with that decision, what are your thoughts on that?”

“It’s always the same questions, it’s so boring, I’m the coach and I make the decisions.”

A few weeks ago, Luis Enrique was asked a similar question in a post-match press conference about another match in which Kylian Mbappe was dropped to the bench despite being fit and available in the squad. Responding to a similar question then, Luis Enrique emphasized the fact that his team has to get ready and be comfortable playing without him in the team for the upcoming future, as the player is set to leave at the end of the season on a potential move to Real Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe leaves a cryptic message following the latest sub

The above incident took place after French star Kylian Mbappe was subbed off for Goncalo Ramos in the 65th minute of the match against Marseille last night, as has often been the case in the last few months and the player was seen frustrated with the manager’s decision to replace him so early in the match.

Always known for his willingness to play every minute of as many matches as possible, Kylian Mbappe was visibly upset about the manager’s decision and was seen walking angrily back to the dugout, and rightfully so as well. Moments after the match, Kylian Mbappe even took to social media to display his displeasure with the decision and posted an image of himself, being dismayed and walking out of the pitch on the manager’s decision to replace him.

The recent post by the French player, who is often linked to a move to Real Madrid, has gone viral among the fans and football pundits, with many people questioning the manager’s decision and also commenting on how Mbappe could become a crucial and respected player if he ever joins Madrid in the coming months.

The recent situation is one of those that is not going to deescalate anytime soon and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for both the player and the manager, as their potential mismatches could lead to a drastic downfall for the team, eventually affecting their Champions League winning hopes, with their very next match against La Liga giants Barcelona, who are flying high on form right now, in the Champions League Quarterfinals first leg at home.


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