“Dana White will change his mind”: UFC star Belal Muhammad claims victory vs Gilbert Burns made Colby Covington nervous on a title shot vs Leon Edwards

Belal Muhammad, a rising star in the UFC, believes that his recent win against Gilbert Burns has made Colby Covington nervous about his upcoming title shot against Leon Edwards. Despite this, Muhammad finds it amusing that Covington is taking shots at his performance while being inactive.

Belal Muhammad

Belal Muhammad Exposes Covington’s Desperation as Title Shot Nears

Belal suggests that Covington’s attacks stem from his fear of losing his opportunity for a title shot. He believes that Covington is worried that UFC President Dana White might change his mind, especially if Edwards expresses a desire to fight in Abu Dhabi. Muhammad thinks that Covington is resorting to desperate measures, attempting to discredit Belal’s star power and claiming that he is not worthy of a title shot.

However, Muhammad points out that Covington’s own pay-per-view fights were only successful because of the notable opponents he faced, rather than his own charisma or talent.  “Remember The Name” argues that his recent victory and his impressive ten-fight winning streak has put him in a stronger position than Covington. While Covington’s last win was against the 12th-ranked fighter in the division, Muhammad defeated the fifth-ranked Burns on short notice.

The champ suggests that Covington’s string of interviews and attempts to generate headlines indicate his growing desperation, which Belal finds entertaining. Muhammad has repeatedly requested a fight against Covington but has been denied each time. He wanted to face Covington at UFC 288 but ended up fighting Burns instead. Belal thinks that the October UFC visit to Abu Dhabi would be advantageous for him.

Since it aligns with Edwards’ timeline for his next fight, Muhammad believes that he could be chosen as the next challenger due to his popularity in Abu Dhabi. Muhammad asserts that he is not all talk and is willing to step up whenever needed, as demonstrated by his decision to take the fight against Burns on short notice.

“Remember the Name”: The Defiance of Inactivity and the Quest for a True Champion

Belal criticizes Covington’s inactivity and suggests that if he were to defeat Edwards, Covington would be a lackluster champion who would only celebrate his victory without defending his title. Muhammad rejects Covington’s assertion that he needs another bout, pointing out that Covington hasn’t been active for the last 14 months. Muhammad believes that he has proven himself and sees no other worthy opponents. As for his preference between fighting Covington or Edwards, Muhammad states that he doesn’t have a strong preference.

Belal is eager to prove that the one round he lost against Edwards was an anomaly and that he is capable of defeating him convincingly. To put it in perspective, Belal “Remember The Name”Muhammad’s victory against Gilbert Burns has left Colby Covington nervous about his title shot against Leon Edwards. Belal Muhammad finds Covington’s attacks amusing and believes that Covington is getting desperate. Muhammad sees himself as a strong contender and suggests that he could be chosen for a title shot due to his popularity in Abu Dhabi.

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