‘‘I beat Floyd Mayweather’‘: Part-time WWE star Logan Paul issues outrageous take on his bout with former world champ

The exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul took place exactly two years ago. Logan reminded everyone about the fight yesterday in a tweet, claiming he had defeated the legendary boxer.

On June 6, 2021, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, Mayweather and Logan Paul engaged in an exhibition fight titled “Bragging Rights.”

Who won between Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather?

The fight between “Money” and “The Maverick” created an unprecedented uproar in the boxing community. The fight is unquestionably a huge financial success with a million pay-per-view purchases. But the contest was declared a “no-scoring bout” at the end. 

Logan in his most recent Tweet, however, claimed that he won the fight against the  legendary boxer saying, “2 years ago I beat Floyd Mayweather.” 

Floyd, the undefeated boxer, always said that he did fight the internet influencer simply because he wanted to have fun. According to Michael Benson of Talk Sports, Floyd said that he didn’t take the fight seriously. 

“People have gotta know, there’s a difference between a real fight and an exhibition. All I did was work out from time to time. If it was a real fight, it would’ve been a blowout in the first round.” Mayweather said. 

When will Logan Paul return to boxing?

Unlike his brother Jake Paul, Logan at the moment has no intention of getting back to professional boxing. Prior to Maverick’s ring appearance against ‘Money’, he fought in only one pro boxing bout which was against KSI.

With one defeat against his Prime business partner, Logan’s pro record currently stands at 0-1. The likelihood of him returning to boxing anytime soon is on the decline as he evolves into one of the best heel wrestlers on the current WWE roster.

Most recently the internet influencer was spotted training with a UFC superstar like Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski. However, it could most possibly be for the promotion of his hydration drink. 

Do you want to see Logan Paul in the boxing ring again? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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