UFC Champ Amanda Nunes may jump ship to WWE following Ronda Rousey’s footsteps

Amanda Nunes is widely acclaimed as one of the most exceptional fighters in history, particularly in the women’s division. Currently, she reigns as the simultaneous holder of both the UFC bantamweight and featherweight championships.

Throughout her decade-long reign in the promotion, Nunes has only suffered two losses, showcasing her unparalleled dominance.

Notably, Nunes played a significant role in driving Ronda Rousey into retirement in 2016. Their encounter resulted in Nunes securing a remarkable TKO victory within a mere 48 seconds.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes speculates future in WWE

Considering their past rivalry, one might wonder if there is a possibility of a rematch between the two fighters, but this time within the realm of WWE.

“If the contract is amazing, why not?…What I wanted to do in MMA, I did already – even more than I thought in my head when I went through my whole career. I became a double champion. I wanted only one – I had two…I’m so happy, and whatever comes after I’m done with UFC, we’ll see. For sure you guys will see me around, anyways.”

Transitioning into professional wrestling demands a distinct skill set, and it is uncertain how well Amanda Nunes would fare. However, there is one potential rivalry that could captivate WWE audiences.

Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes 2 Purse

Interestingly, ‘Lioness’ has previously emerged victorious against the current WWE Women’s Tag Team champion, Ronda Rousey, as well as Shanya Baszler, during her successful MMA career.

This accomplishment garnered mixed reactions from fans, with some doubting her ability to seamlessly transition to the world of professional wrestling, as other athletes have done in the past.

The pursuit of the reigning two-division UFC champion by WWE would certainly be intriguing, particularly considering the possibility that Nunes’ MMA career might be nearing its end.

It remains to be seen whether WWE will embark on this pursuit and how Nunes would adapt to the world of professional wrestling.

Nunes sent Rousey into retirement back in 2016

Ronda Rousey experienced a devastating defeat in just 48 seconds during her highly anticipated comeback fight after a 13-month hiatus. The loss came at the hands of bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, creating a memorable and shocking night in Las Vegas.

Despite Rousey’s guaranteed earnings of $3 million for the bout, compared to Nunes’ significantly lower guaranteed payday of $200,000, the former failed to find her rhythm against Nunes. Right from the start, Nunes unleashed a barrage of punches that rocked Rousey, leaving her struggling to maintain her balance.

Ronda’s defensive skills proved insufficient as she stumbled backward under Nunes’ relentless pursuit, absorbing multiple strikes. Her inability to mount any significant offense ultimately led to her defeat.

Now, Amanda Nunes is poised to return to the octagon this Saturday for UFC 289, where she will defend her bantamweight championship in the main event against Irene Aldana.

In her previous fight at UFC 277, ‘Lioness’ recaptured her title with a commanding unanimous decision victory over Julianna Pena. Avenging her prior loss and securing her second simultaneous two-division championship in her career.

Originally slated to face Pena in a trilogy bout, Nunes now faces Aldana. Who stepped in as a replacement due to Pena’s injury-induced withdrawal from the event.

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