Jake Paul lands harsh jibe at Logan Paul’s friend KSI, claims brit Youtuber offered $1.5m bout to Tommy Fury

When will the fierce online animosity between Jake Paul and KSI end? For sure, not anytime soon, at least. Most recently, when the two internet influencers were at it again, Jake delivered a scathing jab at KSI by disclosing the Briton’s offer to Tommy Fury.

KSI has been eager to square off against Tommy to demonstrate that he is genuinely superior to Jake Paul. KSI in another recent Tweet once again pushed Fury to have the fight. 

The Problem Child, who lost his winning streak after suffering a defeat at the hands of Tommy earlier in February didn’t ignore the Tweet. Rather he shared how KSI is making a name for himself in the boxing community. 

“This clown. Tried to fight Dildo Dan who has never boxed and put a rehydration clause on him. Fought a 40 year old who hadn’t fought for 3 years and put a rehydration clause on him before elbowing him.” Jake replied. 

Jake Paul and KSI feud explained

For a long time, KSI and Jake have been at odds with one another. The two YouTubers have been promising to fight soon and put their online rivalry to rest.

KSI most recently defeated billionaire businessman Joe Fournier. However, prior to fighting Jake, KSI has been looking for an opportunity to fight Tommy Fury. 

“What you waiting for Tommy Fury ? Sign the damn contract and let me show you the difference between me and that fraud who only wins against retired mma pensioners.” KSI tweeted. 

Paul even after losing the fight against Fury, made the Saudi Arabia bout a massive financial success, hence he replied to KSI by saying,”I elevated Tommy, my son is now worth a lot more than the $1.5M offers you making.” 

When is Jake Paul vs Tommy Furry rematch?

The Problem Child is presently concentrating on his forthcoming bout with MMA veteran Nate Diaz. However, n a recent interview, Jake discussed the prospect of facing Tommy Fury for a rematch. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer didn’t exactly specify when exactly he’s going to face ‘TNT’ but he made his intentions clear by saying, “It’s gonna happen for sure. I think it was a great fight, it was entertaining. So, I think we have to run it back and Tommy’s down.” 

Who do you predict will win if KSI and Jake Paul finally engage in a boxing battle? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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