Dustin Poirier bets Jake Paul to win over Nate Diaz ahead of Texas showdown

The Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight is the subject of predictions from experts in combat sports. For instance, Dustin Poirier recently predicted the outcome of the impending boxing match between Diaz and the YouTuber-turned-boxer. 

The bout between The Problem Child and the MMA veteran is slated to take place at the Dallas American Airlines Center on August 5. Even though the fight is still two months away, there is a considerable amount of excitement for the lucrative money match in the MMA community as well. 

Why Dustin Poirier considers Jake Paul to beat Nate Diaz?

Many MMA personalities are expressing their views and predictions regarding the much-anticipated boxing battle. Recently lightweight UFC fighter Poirier also shared his opinion when he appeared in an interview with The MMA Hour. 

Dustin is considering Jake to beat Diaz. He strengthened his claim by saying, “Man, Jake’s younger, bigger, faster. Nate’s a grizzled veteran with the right experience. Jake’s a new guy who’s on YouTube. ”

Diaz is going to make his boxing debut in this match. Meanwhile experience-wise, Jake’s few years ahead. On top of it, with the money The Problem Child has, he can easily get the best training and advice from the top minds in boxing.

When asked for making a prediction, Dustin decided to put his money on Jake by saying, “He’s younger and more explosive. And I think Diaz’s boxing is good for MMA. It’s a completely different thing.”

A brief feud between Poirier and Nate Diaz

It is easy to speculate whether The Diamond had animosity with Diaz as he’s not picking him up as a favorite in his boxing debut bout. Poirier accepted that by saying, “Of course, I always wanted to fight him,” 

Back in Nate’s UFC days, there was a chance that the lightweight fighters would get into an octagon battle at UFC 230. However, after much anticipation, the fight didn’t take place at the end of 2018. Now with Diaz gone, it looks like Dustin has decided to end their rivalry and move forward wishing him good luck. 

“Look, I want everybody to be paid and to succeed. Whether it’s in this organization or that, I don’t care, we’re putting it all on the line out there. So I hope he got whatever he was looking for. I hope it all works out. I hope he gets paid.”

What is your prediction for the Jake Paul – Nate Diaz fight? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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