UFC star Dustin Poirier predicts ex-opponent Conor McGregor to defeat Michael Chandler: “Fight’s over in two rounds”

After being away from the cage for nearly two years, Conor McGregor is scheduled to return against Michael Chandler in the latter part of this year. Ahead of the Irishman’s return, Dustin Poirier, Conor’s former UFC opponent predicted Mystic Mac will ruthlessly destroy Chandler in just two rounds.

If anyone is aware aware of Conor and Chandler’s individual strengths and shortcomings, it is Poirier. The Diamond, who has the experience of defeating both of them, earlier said in an interview that Chandler would make the best opponent for Conor’s comeback fight

Why Dustin Poirier is thinking Conor McGregor would defeat Michael Chandler in two rounds?

The fight between Mystic Mac and Iron was anticipated to be one of the most intriguing matches on the UFC schedule this year. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Poirier made a prediction about the fight’s result.

Even though McGregor is stubbornly refusing to take part in the testing pool despite the USADA’s continued pressure on him to. Dustin thinks Chandler won’t have a chance against McGregor, though, if the match eventually takes place.

“If he comes back similar to who he was before he left, I think he stops Michael Chandler. If Conor is who he was before the injury and stuff, I think two rounds, I think the fight is over in two rounds.” Dustin said.

However, considering how the Conor vs. Chandler fight has evolved over the past four months, it now appears improbable that the fight will even happen

The Notorious and The Diamond: longstanding rivalry in UFC 

For quite some time, The Diamond and The Notorious have been at loggerheads. The first time Conor and Dustin squared off against one another was at UFC 178 in 2014, which sparked their rivalry. Dustin was defeated by the Irish fighter in the first round through a technical knockout.

But when Conor and Dustin fought twice in a span of six months in 2021, things took a turn. This time, Poirier outperformed The Notorious on both occasions making him Conor’s biggest foe. At UFC 257 and UFC 264, Dustin ruthlessly beat McGregor twice.

Even Conor’s wonderful career came to a pause when Poirier brutally fractured his tibia and fibula in the first round of their third fight at UFC 264.

Do you believe the highly anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight will take place in 2023? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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