MMA star Belal Muhammad finds joy in embracing bad guy role with fans: “I think for me it’s all fun, and I’m starting to like it”

Many UFC fans claim that Belal Muhammad is a bad guy, but is this truly the case? Belal is genuinely a good guy, at least in the eyes of his teammates, adversaries, and those who know him better. The welterweight fighter, nevertheless, is gradually coming to terms with his reputation as a bad guy. 

Muhammad made his first appearance in the octagon in seven months to face Gilbert Burns in a welterweight fight. After a terrific victory over Durinho, “Remember The Name” garnered boos from the crowd instead of immediate applause from the audience. 

Belal Muhammad sheds light on his negative image

Why did the UFC 288 co-main event crowd at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, boo Belal? This leads to Belal’s reputation as a bad guy among a certain fan base. The Palestinian fighter discussed the matter in the post-fight press conference. 

“For all the fans out there booing. Now I know why the Nets left New Jersey and they’re in Brooklyn. Because you guys suck.” Belal said. 

However, the Chicago-based fighter isn’t going to change his core characteristics simply because some fans booed him. The 34-year-old fighter in an interview with The MMA Hour said, “If I have to go heel, I’ll go heel. I’ll never get out of my character. I’ll always have fun with it no matter what.” 

Why is Belal Muhammad embracing bad guy role?

This “bad guy” reputation or becoming a heel in combat sports is basically a popular part of wrestling. Someone embraces a negative role just for the entertainment and storytelling point of view. The future welterweight title challenger is slowly loving his heel persona. 

“I think for me it’s all fun. I’m starting to like it. It’s not like I’m trying to go stupid, loser Colby [Covington] heel. But I’m going to have fun with the way I do it, with my personality.” Belal added.

In preparation for his upcoming title bout, Remember The Name’ has started working out with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Belal has been sharing pictures and videos of his exercises with great MMA stars like Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, and Nurmagomedov. 

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