“Are Kylie and Connor an item?”: Conor McGregor, Kylie Minogue’s dance footage at Monaco F1 party sparks relationship rumors amid Dee Devlin crisis.

Many famous people from all over the world have visited Monaco to witness “the high-octane” racing action, from Hollywood actors to sports legends. One of the many famous visitors to the city, Conor McGregor, stole the show by dancing with Kylie Minogue during the occasion.

The F1 Monaco Grand Prix was held on Sunday at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo and on the grand occasion, the UFC star came in a Lamborghini Tecnomar yacht in style, grabbing the attention of stars towards him. 

Conor McGregor, Kylie Minogue relationship rumors sparks after viral dance video

Without a shadow of a doubt, Conor McGregor will steal the show and do something to make headlines whenever he participates in an event. His crazy dance with Kylie Minogue during his presence at the Grand Prix garnered headlines as well.

Many admirers are questioning whether Mystic Mac and the Australian pop star are involved in anything. During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kylie personally addressed the controversy that ensued.

“That was totally random, we look so happy there. I just bumped into him after the Elvis premiere in Cannes, as you do. My three nephews are 11, 13, and 16. So, I get a message from one of them going, ‘You met Conor McGregor?’ Kylie said. 

The Princess of Pop simply has a great relationship with The Notorious as it appears. She further claims that she did not imagine her dancing with the UFC superstar would travel that far. 

What happened to Conor McGregor’s relationship with Dee Devlin?

McGregor has been engaged with Dee Devlin since 2020 and the Irish couple has been great friends for more than fifteen years now. Devlin has witnessed the rise of Conor in the MMA world. On the other hand, the couple’s love life continues as they raise their beautiful children. 

Conor has three children: Conor Jr., who is five years old, Croia, who is four, and Rian, who is 22 months old, with his fiancée Dee Devlin.

Multiple times there have been rumors regarding the former UFC champion’s relationship with many women. However, Devlin has been a constant in his life since 2008. Dee has been a part of parcel of Conor’s promotional team. 

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