David Benavidez advice Canelo Alvarez to ‘buy a pair of nuts’ after $200 million bout demand

‘Saul’ Canelo Alvarez is the greatest boxer to ever come out of Mexico, and also one of the all time greats, being the only undisputed super middleweight champion in history. Ever since he started his run, he’s only suffered two losses to elite boxers in Mayweather and Bivol, but has absolutely wiped out the rest of his opposition.

But despite all he’s achieved in the sport, a certain opponent by the name of David Benavidez has been knocking on the doors of the Mexican champion. And due to Canelo’s recent inactivity, the Mexican great had to face grave criticism from fans round the world.

David Benavidez brutally roasts Canelo Alvarez

Ever since Alvarez’s dominant reign began, it almost seemed impossible to find a challenger for the champion in the super middleweight division until David Benavidez arrived on the scene. Also rightfully known as ‘The Monster’, Benavidez now holds the 2nd rank in the division with a spectacular record of 28 wins and no losses, with over 24 KOs.

Benavidez’s rise is exactly why fans have been eager to see him clash against Alvarez. However, a fight between them has not been announced to this day, which has enraged not only the fans but also Benavidez.

To add fire to the fuel, Alvarez recently put out a statement, claiming it would take promoters to pay him over $150 million dollars for fighting Benavidez “tomorrow.” He blamed his disinterest of the fight on Benavidez’s rehydration of over 25 pounds after weigh ins in his fight against Demetrius Andrade. Benavidez as a reply, unleashed on the champion, asking him to “grow some balls.”

Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez beef explained

The last time we saw Alvarez perform was in September of last year where he dominated Jermell Charlo and secured the victory. However, since then, he has not been booked for another fight despite the ever-rising hype surrounding Benavidez as his next potential opponent. The fight seems to have temporarily fallen through as the undefeated contender will likely move up in weight and challenge Oleksandr Gvozdyk for the interim light heavyweight strap.

The potential slipping away of such a massive fight has led boxing fans to criticize Canelo Alvarez, even accusing him of ducking David Benavidez out of fear. In response, the Mexican champion has asserted his dominance in the sport of boxing, reminding critics of his prowess and legacy.

It would truly be disappointing for boxing fans if the mega bout between Alvarez and Benavidez actually does not happen ever due to unforeseen circumstances, as the sport is well acquainted with such scenarios.


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