Canelo Alvarez does not “f*cking care” on potential bout with David Benavidez following dominant victory over Jermell Charlo

Canelo Alvarez defeated Jermell Charlo for the super middleweight titles. The Mexican champion showcased his skills and emerged victorious against the American boxer.

Canelo controlled the tempo of the fight from start to finish, preventing his opponent from launching a meaningful offense. Following his dominant victory over Jermell, Alvarez may have the potential to fight David Benavidez, but the Mexican champion appears indifferent to the prospect.

Canelo Alvarez beats Jermell Charlo

In what was dubbed the first Undisputed vs. Undisputed world championship fight in the modern four-belt era, Canelo Alvarez demonstrated that there are different levels to this game. Alvarez consistently applied pressure to corner Charlo and secured a knockdown in the seventh round, ultimately defending his super middleweight title with a dominant unanimous decision victory.

The judges scored the fight as 119-108, 118-109 and 118-109 for Alvarez. The victory over Jermell Charlo marked Canelo’s 60th professional victory. Canelo’s relentless pressure on Charlo’s movement eventually led to a powerful right hand that broke through Charlo’s guard, followed by an uppercut that prompted the challenger to take a knee in the seventh round.

From that point, Alvarez continued to cut off the ring and destroy Jermell Charlo, who was simply outclassed while trying to be great by moving two weight classes up.

Canelo talks on potential bout with David Benavidez

During the post-fight press conference, the interviewer asked Canelo Alvarez about his plans to fight American boxer David Benavidez, his potential next opponent. Canelo responded boldly, saying, “I don’t know, I don’t care.” Benavidez has expressed his desire to face Canelo after his bout with Charlo. There were talks that Canelo might fight Jermall Charlo, the American’s twin brother, after his match with Jermell.

David Benavidez is scheduled to fight Demetrius Andrade on November 25, and another match on that card features Jermall Charlo, the twin brother of Jermell Charlo, against Jose Benavidez Jr., David’s brother. David Benavidez recently shared his thoughts on the potential Alvarez-Charlo matchup.

According to the American boxer, it would be a challenging task for Charlo to move up two weight divisions. However, David also recognized that Canelo is currently in excellent shape and comfortable in his weight class. Despite this, he did not underestimate Charlo’s talent and size, emphasizing that it wouldn’t be an easy fight for Canelo.

David Benavidez hopes that his brother Jose can topple Charlo, eliminating him as a potential Canelo opponent and allowing him to take his place next. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the next potential opponent of Canelo Alvarez, will it be David Benavidez or Jermell Charlo’s twin brother Jermall Charlo.


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